Belarusians in Russian sanatoriums no place?

Most of it — Russian tourists. Buy "kursovki" in a sanatorium in the season is almost unreal — most holiday homes places booked before the end of September. What explains the growing popularity of Belarusian sanatoriums?
In 2005, the Belarusian health resorts visited five thousand foreign tourists in 2006 — already 19 thousand. Enthusiasm for him last summer director of the National Center for Health Improvement and Sanatorium healing population Nicholas Mazur described as "unusual excitement". And this year, the staff of tourist areas again and again associate seeing an increase in popularity. The Department of State inbound tourism tour operator "Belinturist" told:
"As I saw it compared to last year, this year’s popularity has grown significantly, especially due to the Russians."
Correspondent"And what do you associate"?
"At first, our prices — we are cheaper than in Russia. A second factor — quite unparalleled service, including what concerns the healing."
"Our call every day, but all booked our summer"
Sanatorium "Forestry" in Vitebsk region is very popular with people of, well, the lack of Belarusian guests never complained. But this year, said the "Forest" is not enough of Belarusians who has a chance to get there:
"Already, the first book of the summer, virtually all Russian firms. So it remains our only what remains of the Russians. If they’re all booked in advance, our just do not have time. They call every day, but what can you do if the summer is not all booked our . "
Correspondent"And in your eyes that first attracts people"?
"We, for sure — Cryosauna. Chill cure people minus 110 degrees. Yet we have many fizyyapratsedur, showers, water treatment, we have a large swimming pool, sauna, spa capsule, the lake from the resort almost 200-300 meters. Own mineral water spring. "
Interlocutor shared information and pricing:
"Junior approximately 21 day 1 million 590 thousand. 12 days — 911 thousand. For foreign tourists — one million 885 thousand 21 day. But for them it at all … As they say they are — we free you rest comparable to our . "
Belarusian stereotype: no sea — no holiday
Svetlana employee marketing agency has long been convinced that a decent stay — a seaside holiday. But in the past year because of health she was obliged to revise the plans. And with great difficulty, was able to acquire the Belarusian kursovki sanatorium. Recalls going there without pleasure, and later vorachivatsya not like.
Svetlana"Offering a variety of treatments: Cryosauna Spa sauna, massage … And it is very affordable. Comparable to Turkey: there is only the sea. Belarus is no sea, but in sanatoriums honey give a package of health services."
Belarus is currently 101 of spa facilities. By employee "BRIC" Eugene, greatest popularity have sanatorium Key Office of the President, the Belarusian railways, the National Bank. No complains defect tourists and personal resort "source" near Minsk:
Eugene"First, it is" Lakeside "in Grodno region, belonging to the National Bank. Also" Lakeside "on Narach. Itself" Narač "," Belarus "," Youth "," Krynica "," Chabarok "," Energetic "," Bulk " "Burabai." These are the ones who enjoy sustained popularity. "
Nemarskoe defense on the Minsk Sea
Investments in service after vorachivayutsya influx of guests. For example, sanatorium "Youth", on the Minsk Sea, not so long ago turned into a spa.
"This water sports complex — it is called right. Currently there are 2 pools — large and children, three saunas 2 Finnish, one Turkish, jacuzzi, gym, sports, little later will speleo camera, fitabar … "
Kursovki in the "Youth" sold out until the end of September. Price — from 68 thousand 740 rubles a day. About 80 percent of the guests — Russian. Also, according to the employee, enjoying going out citizens of the Baltic states. Tags: Resorts Belinturist

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