Beretta M9 and M11 (SIG Sauer P228) 9mm not meet U.S. Air Force pilots

Beretta M9 and M11 (SIG Sauer P228) 9mm not meet U.S. Air Force pilots
The U.S. Air Force in 2014, wants to launch a tender for the supply of new guns for pilots who will have to change the outdated Beretta M9 and M11 (SIG Sauer P228) 9mm.
As reported AirForceTimes, for another year as pistols begin assessment tests offered by different companies armories.
As expected, during the selection of a new instrument and its tests before signing the contract with the winner to take three years.
According to Daryl Islika controlling modular infantry division systems USAF requirements for the brand new weapons were studied together with the U.S. Army. Recently, it should be approved, the U.S. government. What specific pistols will participate in the trial, is not yet clear; names of companies wishing to take part in the tender probable, were not disclosed.
Previously, the Committee on Armed Services U.S. House of Representatives from the U.S. Army claimed, is also planning to change the short-small cannon, not to tender for the supply of new guns.
According to the committee, the modernization of M9 pistols based on beliefs expenditure is more applicable for this, especially in the criteria defense budget cuts. Earlier modernization M9 pistols held U.S. Marine Corps.
U.S. Air Force to upgrade M9 pistols do not want to for several reasons.
In 1-x, pistols available on a number of characteristics surpass even upgraded versions of M9.
In-2, M9 inconvenient that because of bad design, it quickly becomes polluted and often asks purification.
B-3, 9×19 mm caliber cartridges possess low stopping action.
In the end, the new instrument will claim fewer expenses on maintenance and repairs.

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