Bomb, which exploded on July 4, did not in Belarus?

In Minsk and regions make searches of democratic activists and interrogated them in the KGB. Meanwhile, scientists say that Belarus does not have professionals who would be without the help of others have done such a bomb.
Favourite unregistered Freedom Party Sergei Vysotsky visited now Investigation Department of the preparatory inquiry, that the street Sappers. He took the examination fingerprints and saliva.
Sergei Vysotsky previously spent three days in the KGB jail as a suspect in the bombing on July 4. After the interrogation, the investigators decided not to send him to the temporary detention and released.
Sergei Vysotsky said "Freedom":

"Naturally, the procedure is humiliating. This is insanity, of course … With each step acts authorities corollary is obvious more depart from common sense, because "cool" they are as before "political" and the vector from one of them dominant. "
Lawyer Sergei Paul Sapelka was coupled with his client:
"Standards of saliva taken, without packaging. I hope that after the study will be conducted, we will apply the base to finish the prosecution. From the standpoint of the law on the entry and exit what they suspected, gives grounds for limiting they travel abroad. "
Favorite "Right Alliance" Yuri Karetnikova also brought to the Investigation Department and as Yuri said, for the eighth time was fingerprinted and saliva for analysis.
The investigator said Yuri Karetnikau that two months he has no right to leave the country of Belarus.
Apartment on UCP activist Alexander Stepanenko KGB officers raided and then the young man was taken in for questioning.
At the apartment director of the publishing house "Vitebsk Courier" Zhanna Popova also raided.
Scientists say that in Belarus without the help of others to produce a bomb, which exploded during a gala concert, unreal. In 1-x, no ability to synthesize substances used there and in-2, no professionals to provide direction temper explosion.

Synthesize such substances and do not quit traces simply unrealistic. Because most likely used ready components. Calculate the explosion can only spec

One of the physicists, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "Freedom":
"Synthesize these substances and not to throw traces simply unrealistic. Because most likely used ready components. To calculate the explosion can only spec. This is not the strength nor the chemist or physicist. To this must be a special military education.
Look closely reports that pass through various channels about terrorists. All these people have a technical background. All explosions are to be calculated. All substances must be linked in certain serious proportions. To do this, you must have appropriate education.
What does the fingerprints and saliva? They that saliva wire stuck? This is according to the latest as frivolous. "
Scientists are reminded that Belarus does not manufacture guns, and in the meantime in the adjacent RF many factories in the south and east of the Urals, where synthesize substances needed for explosive devices. Yes, and the substances themselves are not enough. Required knowledge of physics course explosions. In Belarus, there is no department in this area.
Scientists believe that a bomb fell in Belarus in the final form of the military unit or area of a military conflict. Tags: Vysotsky, explosion, Karetnikau, July, 4, bomb

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