Bombs in klyumbah, porches, cars

The most resounding story with an explosive device went for more than 10 years ago. October 6, 1997 in Mogilev. On leaving the house explosive projectile fragments was killed managing service state control of the Mogilev region Yevgeny Mikolutsky. Languid injured his wife Alla. On suspicion of attempted Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and the murder of presidential controller then were charged four regional center inmate who received prison terms of four to 11 years. All participants of the case already at liberty. One of the suspects, last KGB officer Valery Tkachev, died under mysterious circumstances in a temporary detention.
After options throughout Belarus was a large-scale campaign in search of illegal guns. In garages have found several kilograms of TNT. We found the Tipo Tkachev said 26 kg of TNT, 116 mine detonators, 37 hand grenades with detonators and 39 electric detonators. Where did such an arsenal, none of the public have not talked to him.
The current explosion could be a logical continuation of the case. Like 10 years ago, the device was indirectly aimed against Alexander Lukashenko — managing the country went to the concert stage shortly before the explosion. But, as the colonel retired engineer troops Stanislav Gursky, who gave two decades entrenching fact, act on spetsa attempt a terrorist attack does not pull:
"I already called colleagues who once engaged razminiravannem. Understand, this is a highly dilettantism. Litsezreem We are two options: either it’s just a maniac who did not spare the people. 2nd — bozo claiming the laurels of" terrorist " . But all made exactly the opposite. So called "material injury" — bolts, nuts, etc. — for some reason turned out across the bottom structure. If an explosive wave has gone up, this is, fortunately for those present, and all over. What hooked — then hooked. breadth it does not matter, and a private function device simply do not perform any — I say on the basis of belief of who invented it. And the glory of God. "
In July 1996, the 43-year-old inhabitant Ratomka Alexander Zyulkov, improvised explosive device threatening, took hostage 18 kids and 2 vyhavatselek Minsk kindergarten number 500 As a result, the eleventh special operations unit "Almaz" terrorist was wounded and after a number of days lost in the 9th Minsk clinic. Toddlers and kindergarten staff were not injured. In the suitcase Zyulkova, investigators say, have found 2 kilograms of TNT. Are independent experts believe that the bomb was a hoax.
In 1997, a bomb exploded, planted under a Russian district court building in Minsk. Broken through the wall of the building, but no one was hurt. Not found the culprits.
The mid-1990s saw a number of car bombings entrepreneurs. Mogilev car flew into the air Russian businessman in Minsk car exploded Syrian citizen. In 2000, near the hotel "planet" was blown up car «Ford Scorpio». The driver died at the scene. Virtually all cases of police blamed on criminal showdown between racketeering and entrepreneurs who may be set free, to pay for the so-called "protection."
In the past year style chanson singer Victor Viburnum, shortly before against him and wife were charged with insurance fraud in the car, turned to Minsk police a statement that found underneath microbus "Fiat Ducatto" explosive device. Sappers went to the scene and found the vehicle grenade. But — without fuse.
The most recognizable fact consumption of explosives is dated 2005. In Vitebsk, one week apart, two explosions sounded. September 14 Frunze Avenue stop at "Freedom Square" explosive device detonated little power — it turned out that it was a steel container with nails and screws. The explosives were buried in klyumbu. From its explosion injured 38-year-old lady and a 16-year-old child. On the same day in May Day Vitebsk police department received an anonymous message that mined mail at Prospect Builders. Sappers have found exactly the same device — apple nails — and defused it.
Late in the evening September 22, 2005, there was another explosion — not far from Vitebsk Hall. Experts found that the type of explosive device was the former, not counting a fuze with radyekiravannem. But there was much more affected — the bomb was buried at the outlet of a disco club. Hospitalized 43 people, 6 of them — in a languid state.
As in the present case, with explosions in Minsk, Vitebsk was right to take personal control of Alexander Lukashenko. Over the next almost 3 years on it and passed through a variety of helpers — from Vitebsk teen brothers Murashko, which were released only six months after the "wrong track taken" activist "Malady Front" Paul Krasowski Vitebsk KGB officer and Major Andrew Demidova. Point in the history of Vitebsk explosions so far has not delivered.
In criminal cases in Vitebsk figured the same article that started now and in the case concerning the nightly explosions in Minsk — "Disorder".

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