Boris: Bulls so rarely read about yourself

One of the first works of Vasil V., which I read back in the 70’s, as a child, was "Alpine Ballad". With addition time I love this work. But read on the radio chose another. Records of various years, which were printed in 8-room "Dzeyaslova" titled "Paradoxes of life."
I feel sorry that they had gone virtually unnoticed for most readers, and for the authorities to these lines have become one of the reasons for the implementation of the ban magazine with 9 rooms in bookstores. Here that neither record — that story: the beginning of the coming story, parables, stories.
Naturally, could would choose something from the "Afghans" or to "The Bunker" or with the "fairy tale" — there are many fascinating pages, fundamental ideas, the importance of which decreases with age does not. But I wanted where Vasil says on its own behalf and for themselves. And he occasionally it mattersliter. To again recall the way I remember: the most sincere and infinitely moderate.

Read Bykov. Throughout June, every day, on the waves of Liberty will sound Bykovskaya lines. They will read a variety of people — and close friends of the writer.

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