Boris Kit: Everything I have, I will send in Nowogródek!

June 4 Novogrudskaya high school number 1 Museum opened Boris China. And for a long time before custom actions at the school where Boris Keith worked before the war, a memorial plaque was attached, even earlier were published two books about the eminent scientist — "The Return" (1993) and "Belarusian Space" (1996). Their creator — writer Lydia Savic, with which we talk about the personality of Boris China and its museum.
"Boris Kit loves Nowogródek — the city’s own youth and the first capital of stateliness Duchy of Lithuania"

Michas Scoble"Mrs. Lydia, still intravital Museum — unusual phenomenon in Belarus. Who here has shown initiative and who are directly involved in the creation of the museum Boris China? "
Lydia Savic"It is certain to find who first suggested such a world, it is difficult. Likely, it was a collective thought. Played a role here, and the fact that local authorities have chosen a noble citizen of China Byrysa Navagrudak, brought it to the book" Eminent people Novogrudok . "But just the idea of a museum was formed two or three years back, when the school building, which is built Boris Kit, where he worked as a teacher, was opened a memorial plaque with its bas-relief. should say that Keith loves Nowogródek — the city of their own youth and the first Lofty capital Duchy of Lithuania. And later, by itself have a question: where to put countless artifacts that he managed to convey to Belarus. And he began to transfer their first 1990s — through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was then headed by Pyotr Kravchenko. "
Scoble"At the opening of the museum more than once sounded name Valery Kazakov. Specifically, he has promoted financial development in the museum. Who is it, and what drove this man to such a charity?"
Savic"Valery Kazakov — our countryman, who lives and works in Moscow. He was perfectly familiar with Vasil Bykov, supports an affair with his widow Ira Mikhailovna. By Ira Mikhailovna advice he went to Frankfurt-am-Main, and met with the whale. Met and — fascinated by this man. should say that Boris just indescribable impact on people, always with him and just simply talk. And at one point in communicating Boris Keith mentioned that there is an idea: do Navagrudak Museum. Say, is unlikely to succeed … And Valery Kazakov took these words seriously. And specifically, he was the first investor, left a small amount of funds, which help to make the museum in the end really opened. "
"Such figures as Boris Kit capable stsementavats Belarusian civilization"
Scoble"And now let us hear the voice of Novogrudka. About his recollection of local lore says the editor of the magazine" Lida chronicler "Stanislav Sudnik."
Stanislav Sudnik"I have the impression that such figures as Boris Kit able to connect Belarusian civilization. At the opening ceremony were representatives of local authorities, the Union of Belarusian Writers, World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland ", Belarusian Language Society named Skarina. And they all found a place on the celebration. And we have a lot of individuals such as Boris Kit, which are capable stsementavats Belarusian civilization. "
Scoble"And the director Novogrudskaya school № 1 Ludmila Pelud I asked whether students know who such Boris Kit?"
Lyudmila Pelud"Of course, they know. For example, this year the entire school day Astronautics looked movie about Boris Keats, and our school has such a movie. For all classes held talks about Boris Keith. Pupils know that he taught in our school, proud that Boris Kit — recognizable all over the world scientist, educator, honorable citizen Novogrudok. Museum Because Boris China — certainly, honor for our school. "
"Organizing the Belarusian school during the war, Keith rescued young people from export to Germany"
Scoble"Mrs. Lydia, a museum — it is an encyclopedia of human life, which should not be fragmented. But for some reason in the museum exposition — not a word about the activities of China from 1941 to 1944, and he was then director of the Belarusian gymnasium and put in Maladzechna, headed Trade Institute in the same Maladziechna. About all this there is information in your books "The Return" and "Space Belarusian". Why certain facts have dropped out of the exposure? "
Savic"The fact that the documents evidencing those activities Boris China has survived. Available only reference that he was sitting at the Germans in the bullpen at the heartstrings. And when he emigrated, this information is just to help him in the midst of the first Belarusian to USA . And now many students live Boris China who trained during the occupation in the deepest, and put Maladziechna. And when Boris the first time in half a century in 1993, arrived in Belarus, all the students who could come to the meeting with his teacher, which was organized in Maladzechna Gennady Karpenko. midst pupils China I call MD Peter Kuzyukovich, artist Konstantin Horoshevich … Organizing Belarusian school during the war, Keith rescued young people from export to Germany. For those who have studied, the Germans did not touched. So here it is just reward is enormous. "
Scoble"If Boris Keith checked out in 1944 to the West that it could wait in the USSR?"
Savic"Working civilian institutions during the German occupation of Russian power exactly regarded as collaboration, cooperation with the Nazis. Boris Kit — worked and how I’ve read, rescued Belarusian youth. Besides, boys and girls were educated, prepared some specialty. If he had stayed at home and went into exile, it definitely would have waited Gulag. And it is unclear if he came out alive. Arte went to the West, he was rescued by his own life and talent. "
"Museum majestic patriot Belarus is Russian school …"
Scoble"I was amazed at the opening of the museum is such a thing: to find funds for the museum in Moscow (at the same time on their floor was renovated a school number 1, which has the status of Russian), and present at the event, head of the department of education and ideology Novogrudskii Executive Committee in one voice had read about the concerns of public education and culture. Are not you embarrassed? "
Savic"Of course, embarrassed. Admittedly, where we are setting Russification. And that’s where it leads — is unclear. Museum And then Boris China must perform to the same educational role. Boris, not half a century when he was at home, knowing several European languages so perfectly states in Belarusian! And his welcoming speech at the opening of the museum sent Belarusian. I am convinced that the museum will encourage and pupils and teachers know and respect their own language and save it, despite the policy of Russification. Unfortunately, Belarusian sovereignty of states not in Russian and generally disparage the native language. And so in the power — lower bosses looking for higher and tries to be similar to those above. And here I agree with you: it looks awkward that the museum majestic patriot Belarus is … Russian school. "
Borys Kit-philanthropist: Belarusian edition books, support the Belarusian radio award named China …
Scoble"Museum in Navagrudak patrons appeared thanks to Valery Kazakov. And then I remember one fact hunt. Seems, in 1997, I received from the United States from the writer Moses Sednief his book" Roman Korzyuk "- a book about the persecution 30s, about the trials of natsdemov. Moreover, publish this book has promoted Boris Kit. turns out that he is not only a famous scientist, and he himself a philanthropist? "
Savic"So we have this, unfortunately,
rarely remember. Boris Kit upon arrival in the United States very quickly hit the South American study of cosmic and had the opportunity to help many of his compatriots. And helped. He was one of the first organizers of the Belarusian community in the town of South River, helped move to the U.S. Yuri Vitbich, Mose Sednief and many other writers and cultural figures. What more significantly: Keith did not share the Belarusians to adherents BNR and BCR, they were all for it are equally close compatriots. If Australian Pertse began working Belarusian radio, Boris Kit and there was in the midst of investors. Prize He organized his own name, which is among the winners — Radim Gorki, Adam Maldis Sergei Zakonnikau Olga Ipatova, Vladimir Orlov, Valery Kalinowski, Oleg … Boris Minkin Director Keith helped Korelichsky Local History Museum Svetlana Koshur publish the book "Eminent people Korelichchine" means sent Oleg Minkin — the publication of books about Vilna Belarusian school … "
"On its 100th anniversary visit planned Nowogródek!" (Borys Kit)
Scoble"But at the moment it’s time to hear of Boris China. Nyamechynu I called and asked what exhibits may soon be rich to open a museum?"

Boris Kit"I will do whatever it can be that the museum looked impressive. I have very many unique exhibits. 3 July before I come to Germany one painter from Belarus, with him, I will give something. Academician I have the International Academy of Astronautics, they came to the museum a unique diploma in Latin. Will exhibit gold medal chief and Brown, which I was awarded in Germany. Many have fascinating things. And all went to Nowogródek! "
Scoble"The Emperor Boris, at the opening of the museum expressed hope that the 100th anniversary of Boris China will be celebrated in the expanded museum role celebrant. Are you planning to come?"
Keith"I hope! Great announcements from Belarus will support my health. Then and certainly will come. And while I am a little sick, but, thank God, the disease is not fatal."
"Belarus — European country, and the ideas that brought us from the free world Boris Kit, late or early, we will be realized"

Scoble"Mrs. Lydia, one of wish fulfillment Boris China — National Institute in Belarus, a branch of which he, incidentally, is planned to open in Navagrudak. Do you think that when this might happen? "
Savic"Boris to implement this idea with his lawyer wrote about 400 letters possible patron in the world. And people who could assist financially, began to respond. Keith practically lived the idea. But in 1994, Belarus has changed power changed official attitude to language, culture to the state, and it is more in Belarus did not go. At present Belarus State Institute make unrealistic. But I think over time we will return to this idea. Belarus — European country, and the ideas that brought us from Boris Kit free world, will sooner or later we met. I firmly believe in it. " Tags: whale, Novogrudok Savic

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