BPF members supported the spontaneous rallies

Deputy chairman of the Party BPF Vintsuk Vyachorkaand in connection with the natural performance inhabitants of the house number 20 on the street Gamarnika in Minsk and other similar conflict situations has prepared an open letter and appeal to members of the House Representatives to be protect the interests of the people.
"All these phenomena of the 1st order. They are associated with the arrival of the boorish, usually Russian capital, which successfully concealed by local officials. Somewhere this capital manages to capture the land in violation of environmental and other legislation, to achieve the implementation of obscure projects as plant pesticides friendly. And in some places, where people are organizing to protect their rights, as on Karl Marx Street in Minsk, they must retreat. "
Other examples of willfulness Vyachorka authorities took the eviction of the personal houses on the ground Selhozposelka in Minsk, construction in the buffer zone of the reservoir Tsna elite cottage settlement, construction of the second phase of the plant pesticides in Bereza.
The authorities’ response to the protests inhabitants indicates blizarukasts their policies, said Vyachorka:
"When they begin to wage war on ordinary people who are defending their legitimate interests, it means that power reached an impasse. "
Views on sovereign Vyachorka, active people’s reaction to the actions of the authorities making the chances for change in the public consciousness.

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