Brest tribunal acquitted activist Ivan Stasiuk

Myronyuk referee Oleg graduated administrative case against Stasiuk due to lack of evidence against him.
Youth activist Ivan Stasiuk police detained a funny day in Brest on Sunday, June 29. Masherov avenue he handed out leaflets calling for the accession of Belarus to the European Union. The details of the detention — Ivan Stasiuk:
"Approached by two policemen. Wrung her hands and brought them to his car. Taken to the Leninsky district police department. Already there have made the first report on the detention and supplies to the police department. After totaled and the second protocol. From this it follows that the Tipo I left the building police department and for all that foul language. During this abuse, as recorded in the minutes of the police, I was arrested again Tipo. Though Actually I did not leave the building of the police station. "
Ivan Stasiuk last night spent at the site. Happy policemen brought the boy to the tribunal. According to police reports, he faced a penalty for the committed Tipo hooliganism.
In court Ivan Stasiuk defending lawyer. Policemen who detained Ivan Stasiuk on Sunday, were not present in court. Referee Oleg Myronyuk not found evidence against opposition.
Ivan Stasiuk — ’21. Earlier, he studied at the History Department of the Brest Municipal Institute. Was expelled during the last presidential election campaign. After trained in Poland programmke Kalinouski. Returned to Brest on family incidents. Previously, he was arrested for 15 days and a couple of times fined for his role in the political opposition rallies.

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