Bulls — Belarus is David Lynch

"My school years occurred in the perestroika era and of the independence of Belarus. It was very amazing to watch how society responded to the theme of Stalinist repression, to the white spots in the history of Russian war majestically. Creativity Bykov, which had to face at the time to draw the line between a broker of right and wrong, "- says S.Balahonav.
"The main product at the time was the story" symbol of failure. "Struck by the fact that the Bulls held direct parallels between the Stalinist regime and the Nazi regime," — says the writer.
He adds: "In the early 90’s with youthful maximalism, writing an essay on creativity Bykov, compared it with director David Lynch, creator of the famous television series" Twin Peaks. "In the South American television series was unhappy end, and in the works of Bykov’s" happy ending "as was absent. "
"From time to time, when today’s youth says to me that she is not interested Bykov, I try to reassure them, saying that the Bulls — Belarus is David Lynch" — shares his experience teacher from Gomel. — "Maybe it’s a provocative and controversial expression, but it is starting to motivate some, they turn to the writer’s work."

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