Bykov book must be in bookstores always

This is the second edition of the national writer of parables. The first was during the life of the creator — in 1999.
"Vutsiny herd", "farmers", "Small reddish flower" and other parables Vasil Bykov written in recent years own life, which coincided with a time of enforced departure abroad. Published in 1999 in book form under the title "Pahadzhane" they caused extensive reader intrigued and literary controversy. Long book has become a rarity. What his homeland should not — convinced chief editor "Nasha Niva"Andrei Skurko.

"Bulls — it is such a writer, which must constantly be in bookstores. And if publishers municipal NOT care about having his books, which ended in the ordinary sale is fit to reprint it it mattersa society is independent. "
2nd edition "Pahadzhane" one hundred percent repeats first. A meanwhile, for the first time in the pages of the magazine "The verb" wrote new parable Bykov. The question of why publishers do not complement their second edition, the emperor replied Skurko:
"So we decided."
Sovereign Skurko said that soon after "Pahadzhane" and the book will pervydadenaya Bykov "wall." Will the new editions of the national writer, go under the brand-independent publishers, bookstores municipal question, according to Andrey Skurko until open.
"Wedid everything in order that they were in the store. But it all depends on the good will of the management of these bookstores and booksellers institutions. "
Publishers are convinced that have their distribution network through which new editions of Vasil Bykov will be available to everyone and have them read.

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