C.Aleksievich: We expect not revolution — is creeping evolution

Who says Svetlana Aleksievich a Belarusian mentality affects the current state of society th country.
Ulitenok: "The current Belarus — this is an obvious continuation Atlyantydy Russian or she added some new ones, and maybe even symbolic traits in psychology?"
Aleksievich: "In a sense, while there is currently suspended politically. But who such Belarusian? It is still a man of the farm mentality: he wants to change, but do not want the shock. Almost everything in the current government it familiar, conventional, these people tolerated.
And with On the other hand they go looking, heed, behold the world, built, acquire unusual things, treat yourself the newest food — shift occurs. And it will not suspend any authoritarian power — faster she will change. After all, society umneet becomes more plastic, more lively. Power of can not escape. Especially since Our homeland and will not delay the Belarusian socialism all concerned with their interests.
We have entered a world where there are no illusions. And this should be ready.
Another thing, I do not share the idea that we will have a revolution. Do not wait for her here. Will be a slow, creeping evolution, so I think . "
Ulitenok: "What Belarusians adequately perceive the same Swedes or Germans, for which you often have to deal with?"
Aleksievich: "From my own experience zabugornyh trips I can tell: People everywhere similar. Good and evil, and sanguine melyanholiki — faster this way the world is divided. Then what’s happening Belarus, depends not on the nature of Belarusians — here faster matter weight of historical circumstances. No, not in the mentality thing when they say that Belarusians here such Tipo unhurried, are sitting there in their own marshes, and later already — blast: guerrilla movement …
I do not think so. Europe simply divided the post-Soviet world into zones of their own interests. And Belarusians fell out of focus. Baltics, for example, was a fascinating Swedes, Germans, as well as others. And we were somewhere in the middle, and the contract fell vneglasnoe sphere of Russian interests.
I repeat: I do not think that’s related to our mentality. Here’s the deal in historical patterns. Eventually — history. "

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