C.Aleksievich: what in the soul rests Belarusian dictatorship?

Here her books have become typical features of time — "War is not a woman’s face," "Last Witnesses", "Zinc boys", "Charmed death", "Chernobyl Prayer" …
In Germany, France, the land of the rising sun, it is considered one of the more issued by foreign authors. Three years back the Aleksievich Svetlana won a major literary prize dollars.
The following week it is — public editor our radio. Once a day, Ms. Aleksievich will share ideas and observations about what’s happening to us at the moment, but on Friday it had asked the reporters to prepare the transfer of Liberty on the topic "What a man lives in the world today."
Recently the anniversary with Svetlana Aleksievich debated journalist Alexander Ulitenok.
Svetlana Aleksievich"The last 30 years I have been writing a chronicle of" reddish civilization. "Research" reddish man. "As one of the largest empire managed to many different countries, which starts its own history. Everywhere but still lives this man. Who it is converted? How? In other words, studying, analyzing 100 years of Russian and Soviet history. "
Ulitenok"Follow then the question — about the great Soviet utopia legends which lives that ordinary people. Who in this story you more impressive? "
Aleksievich"The exciting thing for me — the man himself. Here in Belarus, while if braked, socialism attributes preserved like nowhere else. Suppose, in the form of a social contract with the population. It seems to me, that there was, as it is called — the dictatorship in pure form, it would be so long would not stand. turns out she has a support. And specifically relies on something in the human soul. 60-70 percent not so satisfied with it? But with this and curious to understand. "
Ulitenok"And in the end — about love. Say, write about it better than war?"
Aleksievich"On War is also very difficult … But love words very slowly. Generally, all the books take me a long time: that weave people because at least seven to ten years, going on one piece.
Love this standard, when we opened the world when all this unique, our experience has become a big part of a lot more difficult. After all, you see other people become. And with them already in another read need! They have totally different things motivate … It affects almost everyone. But in particular — to love.
On the one hand, at the moment there is no time to adore — to work and survive, but life has raised the bar high. On the other hand, people have realized: nothing in the world makes no sense, in addition, what kind of man or lady you otyschesh … "Tags: Aleksievich

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