Cardinal met at the municipal level

Cardinal Bertone met at the level of heads of government or head of state — with noble guard, municipal performance hymns. It met the Commissioner for Religious Affairs Leonid Gulyako also leaders of all church diocese Belarus.
Cardinal said, getting off the plane, that he had brought a message from the Pope Belarusian people and wants to meet with representatives of the church and Orthodox Churches Belarus, with representatives of the authorities, "to discuss bilateral affairs, the role and place of Belarus in the international community."
Before that, the head of the Catholic Church in Belarus Tadeusz Kandrusevich, noted that he would be very happy if in the course of these negotiations, Cardinal Bertone came discussion abilities arrival in Minsk Pope, but now no no disk imaging.
By Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz if Belarusian authorities indeed agree to sign a concordat between Belarus and the Catholic church, this path will take 2-3 years.


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