Case Zavadsky always reduced before elections

For the abduction of Dmitry Zavadsky in 2002 wasand convicted former officers of Special Forces "Almaz" Valery Ignatovich and Maxim Malik, last police academy cadet Goose Alexei and Sergei Savushkin. But convincing evidence linking the convicted Zavadsky Abduction has been submitted, no one pleaded not guilty. Body of a missing operator found.
The requirement to disclose the truth about the kidnapping Zavadsky other missing contained in the resolutions of the UN Commission on Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and OSCE. Current and former bureaucrats power structures Vladimir Naumov, Viktor Sheiman, Yuri Sivakov, Dmitry Paulichenka prohibited arrival in the U.S. and the EU because of the suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of Dmitry Zavadsky, Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko, Anatol Krasowski.

If the case is suspended, then we have to hit, hands tied

Criminal investigation into the disappearance of Dmitry Zavadsky as other missing things, not just the one suspended, then resumed. Last time it was stopped in April 2006. More than 2 years — total silence, says widow disappeared cameraman Svetlana Zavadskaja:
"If the case is suspended, then we in the victims hands are tied. Since we do not have the right to file any motions, which is why it is very bad. We then filed appeal against the suspension, but all that remained. "
Mom Dmitry Zavadsky Volha not believe that there will be some movement in the offspring:
"Hope I do not have. Throughout In these years prosecutors did not give a detailed answer to all questions. Some unsubscribe in which states that conducted any investigative activities, it is not locked, and suspended. We were never given an answer, what activities were carried out, and what results they got. "
Svetlana Zavadskaja saw a subsequent event:

The point is always restored before some such events: the presidential elections, parliamentary elections

"It’s always restored before some such events: the presidential elections, parliamentary elections, because I have some small hope that maybe … But hope is absolutely small, because the authorities behave so not willing to engage in these affairs . "
Ahead of parliamentary elections, likely because another surge of enthusiasm for Missing. Meanwhile, Minsk city executive committee does not allow Svetlana Zavadskoj July 7 with 19 minutes to 20 hours and hold a picket near the building of the Minsk City Hall:
"In picket refused on the grounds that it is, they say, will prevent the movement of pedestrians in this place and transport. This evasion. Naturally, I understand, that the authorities I would like to, so we went for the ring road or in the forest, so that in the town with the portraits of the disappeared were not, but I say not wait. Indeed, Article 35 of the Constitution guarantees citizens freedom of peaceful assembly. "
Svetlana Zavadskaja wants to appeal the denial of Minsk City Executive Committee in court.

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