CAST published the book The New Russian Army

Collection of articles is dedicated to passing a 2008 dramatic reform of the armed-forces of the Russian Federation and their transition to the "new look".

Centre for Analysis of Strategies and TechnologiesRussia's leading research organization, conduct studies on the defense industry and military-technical cooperation. The center was founded in 1997

Download the book (Format pdf, ~ 1,2 Mb)

The first article examines the progress of reforming the Army. The article provides a brief overview of the previous stages of military construction in Russia in the post-Soviet period.

The second article focuses on reform and the current state of the Airborne Troops. The third article describes directions and some of the results of the reforms of the Air Force and Air Defense.

The current state of the Navy, its development and future plans of reforming the fourth article is devoted.

The fifth article attempts to examine the progress of military reform in conjunction with the main provisions of the new Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation, approved in February 2010

The sixth article military reform in Russia is analyzed in the context of the modern world experience.

The application published the text of the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation.

Download the book (Format pdf, ~ 1,2 Mb)

New Russian Army / DE Boltenkov, AM Gaidai, AA Karnaukhov, AV Lavrov, VA Tseluyko, ed. MS Barabanova. — M., 2010. — 168. ISBN 978-5-9902620-1-0 UDC 355/359 BBK 68.49 (2Ros)

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