Center display aircraft named after I. Kozheduba 75 years old

March 22, Center display aircraft located in Kubinka, 75 years old. The Center includes the famous aerobatic team "Russian Knights" on the Su-27 and the "Swifts" — the MiG-29.
 In the second half of April 2013, the Centre planned for the commemoration of the anniversary.

History of the Centre started in 1938, when at the airport Gorelovo (Leningrad region). Based on the 70 th and 58 th Fighter and 33th separate reconnaissance squadron was formed 19th Fighter Aviation Regiment. In 1939, the pilots of the regiment began to military trials-16 fighters with M-63 engines.

During 1939-1940. Pilots Regiment distinguished themselves in aerial combat over the Karelian isthmus.

During the Great Patriotic War, the regiment acted on the Volkhov, Voronezh, South-West, 1st Ukrainian and 1st Belorussian fronts, in the defense of Leningrad, in the 15th, the 2nd and 16th Air Army. Pilots of the regiment fought on the MiG-3, LaGG-3, La-5, La-5 FN, La 7.

In 1944, the regiment was reorganized into the 176th Guards. During times of war the regiment was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, the Alexander Nevsky and Kutuzov 3rd degree, he was awarded the honorary title of "Proskurovsky."

During the Great Patriotic War, the pilots of the 176 th Guards Proskurovsky Order of the Red Banner, the Alexander Nevsky and Kutuzov Fighter Regiment flew more than 8 thousand sorties, conducted 711 air battles and shot down 398 enemy aircraft, another 56 enemy planes were destroyed on the ground, assault actions Pilot Regiment destroyed many armored units, automotive and railway equipment.

Since 1946, the regiment took place on the basis of military tests fighter La-9 and La-11, one of the first in the Air Force regiment received jet fighters MiG-15.

In 1950, on the basis of the 176th Regiment, formed 234th Fighter Aviation Regiment in Teply Stan. In 1952, the regiment was transferred to the Kubinka, and since 1966 called the 234th Guards Red Banner Orders Proskurovsky Kutuzov and Alexander Nevski Fighter Regiment.

In 1991 was created the first 237 center display aircraft. In August 1993, the Center was named Ivan Kozhedub, and in March 2010, the Center became a member of the National Centre for training of aviation personnel and military trials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

After the war, the regiment consisted armed MiG-23 and MiG-29, Su-27 fighter-bombers Su-17M3/M4, Sukhoi Su-24, Su-25 ground attack aircraft and trainer aircraft L-39 "Albatros" .

Photo by Vadim Savitsky site

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