Center prototyping of medical devices and products opened in Novosibirsk (photos)

The opening ceremony was held in the framework of II International Forum "Innovation in medicine: the basic problems and their solutions. High-tech medicine as part of an innovative economy ".

The first center in Russia prototyping of medical devices and products, which will develop the medical technology up to tissue engineering for transplantation, opened in Novosibirsk innovative medical technology center (medtehnoparke).

The center is a laboratory rooms with special equipment designed for the development, manufacture and testing of prototypes of new medical products and equipment, including tools, equipment, bio and genochipov, implant tissues.


According to the director of the Novosibirsk medtehnoparka Catherine Mamonova without center prototyping technology park "just would not take place." "Have you come to the hospital, in fact you come to the final medical technology.'s To bring it in this form to the patient and need a center. Prototyping is to create a pattern that in the future can already be massively introduce" — she said.

Prototyping Center is a laboratory rooms with special equipment, it includes a center of regenerative technologies. Mamonova reported here that the existing equipment can grow bone or cartilage and transplant native human tissue, rather than, for example, a metal implant. These technologies require testing for an average of five to seven years.

"And as soon as the law on cellular technology, then it will be later used in the constant practice. But it does bring more technology," — she said.

Director general said that the center is equipped with unique equipment here, for example, is the only one in Russia upright MRI machine made in Italy, at virtually all of the technology — foreign. "That's just a problem that we solve," — said Mamonova.

In 2012, for the establishment and equipping of the center prototyping of the budget of the Novosibirsk region has been allocated 52 million rubles from the federal budget — 208 million rubles, and the expense of investors.

In general, the power of the Novosibirsk region are planning to create a five-year program to support the medical industry, which provides for the payment of the cost of clinical trials of drugs developed in the region, said Friday at a forum "Innovations in Medicine" Minister of Industry, Trade and Business Development Region Sergey Semka.

"In June we will present the program at a meeting of the Government of the Novosibirsk region. Program allows you to recoup some of the costs of clinical and pre-clinical trials, we will prepare a program," — he said.

In addition, the project involves the program to compensate for the costs of participation in specialized exhibitions and fairs. Pre total program is estimated at 472 million rubles.

According Semka, the medical industry in the region is represented by 200 companies, they occupy 2.6% of the total manufacturing activity in the region. Tax revenues from the industry, about 1 billion rubles a year. 

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