Center Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants opened in Tomsk

Educational and Scientific Center "Technology of thermal and nuclear power plants" worth more than $ 1 million was opened today at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The center is a complex, which includes four laboratories — To study thermal-hydraulic, gas-dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants, research sources and advanced heating systems, as well as computer simulations of the laboratory equipment in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.


Opening of the dedicated to the celebration of the 117th anniversary of the founding of TPU. The Rector of TPU Peter Chubik doing gifts and university departments as a whole on the birthday of the university is becoming a tradition. Every year on May 11 at the University of opening new centers and laboratories, last year was the start of the establishment of the Institute of Water.

"This gift will we do today. We open a laboratory complex, which consists of four laboratories. They are united by the common name "Technologies for thermal and nuclear power plants," — said the rector of TPU. — There is a lab associated with the thermohydraulic studies with gas dynamics, modeling and new promising sources and electric networks.

This is really a serious complex. It is presented to the university and the department, which in September of this year will mark the 90th anniversary of the formation. At the root of this department was Innocent Nikolaevich Butakov, a legendary personality, the father of Tomsk school engineers. The laboratory complex is located next to a plaque inside one of the laboratories will carry his name. "

The Rector, the cost of the complex is more than $ 1 million, of which $ 1 million spent on equipment and about 4 million rubles — for repairs. Sponsorship was also provided by the company — strategic partners TPU.

Laboratory for the study of thermal-hydraulic and gas dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants

"In the complex thermal-hydraulic studies, we have managed to recreate almost a full cycle of a thermal power station — says head of the department of nuclear and thermal power plants Energy Institute TPU Alexander Matveev.

— We have for the territory of the complex in a separate module boiler which produces steam. Steam is supplied to the laboratory at the collector, and further distributed to the equipment that is present in the station. The equipment is unique because it is smaller. Length of heat exchangers at the plant by the meter — from 5-7 meters. Here, the project set up small factories heat exchangers, so that we can place them in an existing room. All other processes are the same as this power station. "

Management of the complex is through an interactive whiteboard. Currently boiler is started, the equipment is in operation. The plans for 2013 — to equip the laboratory steam turbine to receive a full thermal power station. At present, the competition has been announced.

The second part of the laboratory equipment — for the study of gas-dynamic processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants.

"There is an imitation of the working fluid is compressed air, which is supplied here with a compressor station, and the example of the compressed air we study the behavior of threads. The equipment allows you to shoot and short-change these processes. "

Laboratory for the study of sources and advanced heating systems

This laboratory, which has a new technological scheme of heat. Laboratory sources and supply systems has five sources of heat and seven consumers who provide removal of heat.

"All the problems of heat networks prompted us to teach students more advanced technology than that which exists — explains assistant professor of nuclear and thermal power plants Vladimir Bespalov. — It is the principle that all users connected to the heat heat transit networks to the independent circuit.

The pressure in the transit network does not determine the thermal pressure in the internal networks via heat exchangers. Exactly as all heat sources are working on a transit line also through the heat exchangers. All sources and targets isolated. So, for example, which would not have occurred rush line, all other users are independent and do not suffer from this. In order to implement such a scheme, we needed a laboratory. "

In his words, one of the main tasks of the laboratory — the students that such schemes are efficient, economical, controllable, the user can decide how to use the heat.

As noted in a timely manner TPU Rector, this heating system can introduce the concept of "individual consumer" when everyone in the apartment will be able to create a comfortable environment, adjusting the heat appliances.

Laboratory simulation of processes in power plants and nuclear power equipment

The laboratory is a computer lab equipped with the latest technology. Here, students can study the modeling of various processes in the equipment of thermal and nuclear power plants. According to the provost, director of the Energy Institute TPU Yuri Borovikova, new hardware and software will teach young power engineers working with brand new equipment stations.

"At present, mainly in Russia used water-conducting power reactors. The new word in this technique — a fast neutron reactor. This project is called "Brest", it will be implemented in Seversk.

We teach the children how to work with those reactors that are already used in nuclear power plants of Russia, and the new technology, there are already preparing an aid young. "

Note that the "BREST" — is currently developing a project in the Russian fast reactors with lead-cooled, two-loop heat to the turbine and supercritical steam. In the project, assuming that the reactor and its fuel will be so safe that does not require a lot of bulky equipment, systems and automation for security, which will simplify the device and cheaper nuclear power plant.

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