Central district hospital Yaroslavl region are getting new machines first aid

Ten cars "emergency" passed February 25 central district hospitals Yaroslavl region. 

Until the mid-spring district hospitals will receive an additional 64 such machines, due to this problem will be fully charged with transporting patients.

Buy 74 specialized machines — the next step is to raise the level of medical and transportation while optimizing the health system. A class cars are equipped with modern medical equipment, air conditioning and an auxiliary heater compartment, as well as GLONASS satellite system in full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

The first modern transportation is directed to the municipal areas where reduced obstetric beds. On the same machine — in Borisoglebovskay, Poshehonsky, Breit, Myshkin, Danilovskoye Nekouzsky district hospitals, three — in Uglich CRH. Another new car "fast" will carry children's hospital patients Rybinsk.

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