Central Park Kharkov equipped with free Wi-Fi

  • Photo: sannews.com.ua
  • Photo: sannews.com.ua

According to the press service of the City Council, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications and communication Roman Salnikov said that such a large-scale Wi-Fi zone free access to the Internet created in Ukraine for the first time. His work is beginning on August 23 — the Day of the city. 

"Wi-Fi hotspots are working with support roaming, so users do not have to constantly switch when moving through the park, because the equipment is doing everything in auto mode with minimal delay. Through this you get wireless access to the Internet at speeds of 5 to 20 MB / s, that allows you to freely communicate in social networks, upload photos, watch videos, keep abreast of the latest news on any sites. there are free to use streaming video — shoot it and immediately transmit to the network. similar analogues in Ukraine is not "- said Roman Salnikov.

According to him, the Wi-Fi covers a large area of the park and is in almost all areas, near parks and offices, as well as on the Ferris wheel. At present, work on the installation of Wi-Fi points are ongoing, and a month later the park wireless coverage will be 90%.

According to Roman Salnikov, in the future we plan to provide free Wi-Fi in all parks and gardens, squares, near the government, sports, and educational institutions of the city.

Recall that today in Kiev near the CRPD will officially open the sculpture "The New Prometheus", which will provide free Wi-Fi.

  • Photo: the-village.ru
  • Photo: the-village.ru

Abstract sculpture height of eight meters is made of stainless steel. It is placed on top of the solar cell, through which the composition will be highlighted, and hand out free Wi-Fi.

On the area near the University of Knowledge KPI set sculpture "New Prometheus." Abstract work height of eight meters is made of stainless steel. It is placed on top of the solar cell, through which the sculpture will be illuminated and hand out free Wi-Fi.

The work created Egor and Nikita Zigura authors wooden monument "Steps of knowledge," which is also mounted near the KPI.

According to Egor, this sculpture — an allusion to the mythological Prometheus, who stole fire from heaven to bring it to the people.

Modern Prometheus converts the sun's energy in Wi-Fi and lighting to also bringing people favor

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