Bulgarian footballer yellow-blue debuted in Rostovites difficult to meet. However, after the game the midfielder was pleased with what was in the Premier League.
Chavdar what you feel after the debut of "Rostov"?
— I think today was a good game. This is my first game in the Russian Premier League. A draw logical. Of course, a little sad that we could not win against rivals, but it is — football.
— What did you feel when the end of the match managed to even the score?
— Just great. I was very glad that scored a goal.
— What is said Oleg Protasov before release to the field?
— Chavdar, go play football! (Laughs)
— Did you see the banner "Welcome, Chavdar!" Which hung on the podium after your fan-out?
— Yes, of course, noticed. It was pretty cool, I liked it. Thank you fans for such support!


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