Chechnya: state farm Greenhouse harvests

With the onset of spring days in the state farm "Greenhouse" in the Chechen Republic began during the harvest season. Plants provide daily by several dozen kilograms of fresh cucumbers and with the onset of warmer months, the volume of increase.

 Point of sales were defined before transplanting. On the shelves of grocery market of the country every day comes all assembled for the day harvest. Thus, customers have the opportunity to buy fresh cucumbers and supplement your diet with vitamins.

In addition, the state farm and engaged in the cultivation of other vegetables, fruits already grow tomato seedlings. Less than a month here ripe harvest. Grow tomatoes in the state farm "Greenhouse" began only this year.

State Farm products environmentally friendly and healthy. Chemicals are used in strict accordance with the relevant regulations. It does not chase the beauty of the product. The main thing — quality.

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