Chechnya: such an important road

In the Chechen Republic of the construction of the road, which will not only connect mountainous Vedeno and Shatoisky areas, but will also provide access to inaccessible mountainous tracts.

The course should provide access to forest areas in the event of fires, floods, landslides, or other man-made disasters.

Mountain road will originate from the village of Selmentauzen Vedeno district, will host the canyons near Lake Kezenoi-Am and will run in the direction of Itum-Kali Shatoysky district. The total length of the road — 22 kilometers.

Construction of the will to carry out multiple tasks. Livestock farms will be able to graze cattle in the alpine meadows. Explorers will begin to search for mineral deposits, which is rich republic. Environmentalists and scientists useful way to explore the historic and natural sites. But travel companies because of this roadway will have the opportunity to open new routes and equip resorts and camps.

The road is planned to be operational in the first half of this year.

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