Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant produced 200 million tons of iron

On the eve of the professional holiday — Day of the metallurgist in the blast furnace of Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, included in the company "Mechel", produced the 200 millionth tonne of iron.


200 millionth tonne of iron — a common result in the history of CMP blast furnace — April 30, 1944, when it was blown out the first blast furnace plant. Today the workshop of three blast furnaces produces more than 4 million tons of pig iron per year, covering the needs of the steelmaking redistribution of CMP.

At a solemn meeting dedicated to the production of the 200 millionth ton, attended by leaders of the enterprise, leading experts of the plant, department chiefs past and blast furnace veterans who have worked on this production of CMP several decades.

"Today we are witnessing one of the most significant events of the year at the plant. Blast furnace plant during all the years has been and still is one of the most mobile in the plant, his team always solves the problem. Feast of blast furnace share koksohimiki, Aglomeratchikov steel makers, which easily as without the work of specialists blast furnace at the plant, there would be nothing that exists today, "- said the director of the production of" CMP "Vladimir Kaukin.

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