Chelyabinsk region to 1.7 times increases the number of new jobs through investment

In 2013, in the Chelyabinsk region will increase by 1.7 times the number of additional jobs that will be created through the implementation of new investment projects.

    "In 2012, due to the introduction of new investment was up 3,5 thousand jobs this year will be 6.1 created thousands of new jobs," — said the governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Mikhail Yurevich at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

According to the head of the region, is being implemented in the region more than 100 investment projects, 30 of them — with a clean field.

"One of the biggest projects — in the mining industry. "Russian Copper Company" in September launches Mining, 18 million tons in the rock ", — reported the governor and said that the transfer of copper is about 52 to 70 thousand tons of metal. After starting Miheevckogo Mining company started developing the plant to 28 million tonnes in the breed — it is about 115 thousand tons of copper. The second project will be launched in 2015. "We expect these projects to get around (on the prices of copper dependent) is not less than 2.5 billion rubles a year to the budget", — said the head of the state governor.

In development project Nyazepetrovsk mining and metallurgical plant with a total investment of 103 billion rubles. "This is not a classic iron extraction method (blast furnace) is carbon powder is mixed with the ore, and fluidized bed powder spreads in iron ore pellets. I saw on the video, as it is done, the new Japanese technology. If you run, it will be just a huge project, "- shared his plans for the governor.

According to Mikhail Yurevich, gold miners in the area intensified. Two weeks ago, the region launched the first phase of gold extracting factory to 1.5 tons. Is preparing the second phase, which will give three tons. "Laid factory that year and a half run on the field to eight million tons in the rock, which is about 9.8 tons of gold, leave behind 15 tons of gold in just a two-year", — stated the governor. These projects will give the budget an additional 700 billion rubles.

Mikhail Yurevich also spoke about the large-scale investment projects in the field of agro-industrial complex: "We now have not yet launched poultry farm stands on 70,000 tons of meat. Recently launched a new — 60, plus all the old umoschnilis. " It is planned that by the end of the region will have the capacity for the production of poultry by 434 thousand tons.

"Just before leaving laid another pig. And here's one for 500 thousand heads, he gradually introduced, but the rest of the year it is introduced, there are now 300,000 worth of goals, plus the breeding herd will sit ", — reported the Governor.

They also spoke about the metallurgical giants of the Southern Urals. So, at the final stage of CMP included construction rolling mill. "Very serious production, advanced. We invite you, Vladimir Vladimirovich., To participate in the discovery, — said Mikhail Yurevich. — The cost of the project — more than $ 1 billion, it is unique, and this rental will be 100 percent demand.

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