Chelyabinsk region: to launch Mikheevskoye GOK only a little less than a year

In Varna district of Chelyabinsk region implemented one of the most ambitious projects of the construction of mining and processing enterprise "from scratch" in the post-Soviet space. Construction is ZAO "Russian Copper Company."

To date, the GOK been invested more than $ 12.5 billion rubles. Almost all of the equipment on the GOK received, began its installation, erection ends of the main production bases. In September of the following year, the factory is working, and six months after it will reach its design capacity. The total investment amounts to more than 24 billion rubles.

Factory will produce more than 18 million tonnes of ore from the existing pit.

Mikheevskoye deposit porphyry copper ores in the Chelyabinsk region — one of the largest in Russia. It is included in the 50 largest copper deposits in the world.

Porphyry copper ore deposits Mikheevskoye contain copper, gold, silver.

Russian Copper Company is now continuing exploration in this area, and possibly near Mikheevskoye GOK will see a small quarry, which will supply 2.3 million tons of ore to the factory for refining.

Now developed an easy quarry, leased equipment, but the mine will operate on its own heavy equipment, which I demonstrated today. This 180-ton dump trucks and excavators, grab bucket which is 100 tons. So, already purchased dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, hydraulic hammer, wheel loaders, bulldozers, graders, drilling rig, crushing and screening plant, equipment concentrator.

As the president of JSC "Russian Copper Company" Vsevolod Levin, now Mikheevskoye GOK operates 850 people, but at the peak of construction — from May to August next year — will employ 1.5 thousand people.

"Two-thirds of working — are residents of Magnitogorsk, Kartli and the Varna area. When the mine is put into operation, the number of workers is locked at 780, — he said. — We prefer to hire local employees. Work has already begun a training program based field camp. Also bought the apartment to stay technical personnel in Kartali. "

In the future, there should appear another company that will deal with burning lime. There are all conditions. Nearby is the three fields. To the extent possible the recovery of copper needed burnt lime. It is a separate business. Russian Copper Company itself can solve this problem and to offer it to investors. 15-30 million rubles, you can purchase a field and build a factory.

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