Chelyabinsk road stood a warranty

In the Chelyabinsk region, local roads now have a shelf life. Contractors are required to ensure the quality of the coating lines. Otherwise, all the bumps in the road, they will be eliminated at their own expense. In such circumstances, build quality and more profitable for a long time.

Part of the federal highway M5 from the village in the direction of Vitamin Chelyabinsk. Among the pits — small islands of asphalt. And repairs are made a year ago.

Another portion of the same road. Repair this road could see as many as five years ago. It is under warranty, but the need for reconstruction of the road there is no band so far. In contrast with the previous work in this area led another contractor.

"As you can see, in good condition. Those defects that commonly appear: rutting and patching — on the cover is missing" — proudly says chief engineer of the contractor Andrey Morozov.

In order to oblige contractors to perform work efficiently and monitor the status of objects that have been put into operation, and the bill was passed on the guaranteed service life of roads. Now in Chelyabinsk region of 600 km of federal highways 25 — new warranty motorway. Allocated to them, more than 13 billion rubles. 

With the test on the road in the Chelyabinsk region has left the government commission. As a result, half of the violations identified in the municipalities. Lack of funding, lack of integrity contractors, poor-quality building material — complaints from the chiefs of districts last the whole list.

"There are defects in the municipalities with which contractors do not agree with. Here we conduct a separate examination now with the assistance of the laboratory," — said the Minister of Construction, Infrastructure and Roads of the Chelyabinsk region, Viktor Tupikin.

Contractors are already familiar with the remarks of officials. Where there are defects, work to eliminate them or are already under way or will begin soon. And they will be carried out by the contractors themselves.

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