Chelyabinsk scientists have invented an artificial liver

Development, presented the Laboratory of "Artificial organs and cells", will help extend the life of patients with liver failure. This is the official website of the regional government.

Of course, the "artificial liver" — the code name. Installation, which was created by scientists from Chelyabinsk, will not replace the main filter of the human body. Appointment of the new device — clean the patient. Blood is pumped through a filter, and getting rid of toxins, comes back. The procedure, which lasts approximately two hours, a bit like kidney dialysis. Only instead of saline solution, it contains biological components. It is not washed away, and constantly cleaned.

In Russia each year more than 100,000 cases of liver failure, including hepatitis, alcohol poisoning, liver damage due to drug use. Effective ways to treat diseased liver is not much. The most radical is considered to transplantation. In the queue for such an operation are tens of thousands of people across the country. And not everyone falls wait to Chelyabinsk and know-how increases the chances of many.

— Preliminary studies have shown that the device not only allows the patient to wait for the person to transplantation. In some cases there is recovery — patients no longer need such an operation — says the head of the laboratory Vyacheslav Riabinin. According to him, if in the human liver left at least thirty percent of healthy cells, after a while it can be reborn. The main thing — to support it.

Arguably, the unique invention of scientists from Chelyabinsk in Russia. They've got a patent and are currently conducting clinical trials on the basis of the regional hospital. Operated on ten patients with severe hepatic insufficiency, the medical lead them under close observation. Meanwhile, in the laboratory "Artificial organs and cells" are working to improve an installation.

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