Chemical Technology landfill opened in Cherepovets

It is based on the Cherepovets Chemical Engineering College. This is a prime example of a public-private partnership in the modernization of education. Creating a test site was made possible with the cooperation of "Fosagro-Cherepovets," City Hall, the Department of Education and the College. An agreement on further cooperation with all interested parties signed in school today.

Range — this is another great step in the implementation of strategic guidelines for the preparation of highly qualified personnel for enterprises, in particular, the chemical industry.

"We have a complete understanding of how the situation will develop in the field of education, and what needs to form a company,— Says the mayor of Cherepovets Yuri Kuzin. — It's no secret that today we are experiencing a serious shortage of workers in the occupations in the labor market. Some college education is losing its appeal, and it is wrong. Large promperdpriyatiya that form the backbone of the economy of the city, in need of specialists of high-level qualifications. And such people need to be prepared. By themselves, they do not grow. "

In Cherepovets such a positive experience already. The first such site was created a year ago by the Association of Mechanical Engineers. Its ideologue — CEO of Cherepovets Casting-Mechanical Plant Vladimir Boglaev. Chemical Plant also took the initiative — to create all the necessary conditions for the education of worthy new beginning at school. For this project, the company came in 2005. Finally, the polygon created. Training takes place in four specialties that are in demand in the chemical industry. In addition, on the basis of the polygons will improve their skills teachers and people who work for the company.

"Our main task, and it is a global trend, to create a continuous learning process, beginning with the receipt of the company and ending with retirement. To people continuously learn new working practices, new technologies. To make this process has never stopped,— Says Evgeny Ivanov, deputy general director of "FosAgro AG." — Here we will prepare the staff even more advanced equipment than is used in the enterprise today. We have already discussed direction — start learning from an earlier stage. Company management has allocated money to create a so-called "Fosagro-classes" in schools. Will update classes and try to make the guys came there to contest. Since the 9 th grade will start a comprehensive training young people to work on such highly businesses such as ours. And the most important thing for young people to come to work for us consciously to make them proud of their profession. "

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