Cherepovets Steel Mill brought to full capacity coating line number 2

JSC "Severstal", one of the world's leading vertically integrated steel and mining companies, reports that Cherepovets Steel Mill, one of the largest integrated steel mill in the world (part of the Division "Severstal Russian Steel"), in record time, led the design capacity of the metal coating line number 2 (AMS-2), capacity of 200 thousand tons per year.

Thus, in 2012 the Cherepovets Steel Mill will produce at least 400 thousand tons of steel coated with polymers.

Period for which the coating line number 2 running at full design capacity, a record for the lines of a similar type and application installed on Russian companies.

APP-2 displayed on the design parameters for 4 months, 3 months before the planned schedule. The first painted roll of APP-2byl made at the end of November 2011, the launching ceremony of the unit took place in December.

"From April 2012, the unit runs at design capacity — 16 667 tonnes of metal coated in a month. When etomna APP-2stabilno achieved incorporated in the design characteristics of the flow rate of the metal and paint, as well as the quality of products ", — says Director of Production, Chief Engineer Battalion" Severstal Russian Steel "Andrey Lutsenko. — Based on the successful development of moschnosteyAPP-2, later this year we plan to increase the production of the metal with polymers on two lines of up to 412 tons. "

In 2011, taking into account the demand for coated steel production Cherepovets Steel Mill, on the first line was produced 221,225 tons of metal, which exceeds the design capacity.

APP-2, worth 2.55 bln — similar coating line number 1, which is also ahead of schedule was put into the design parameters. Technology developer and supplier is the company SMS Siemag (Germany). Both industrial lines (APP-1 and APP-2) are designed for continuous production of steel strip coated for the construction industry.

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