Cherkasky concrete products plant got its second wind.


Until a few years ago, no one could not assume that Cherkassky concrete products plant, which is barely making ends meet, as well as many other companies within the industry, today will work in excess of the design capacity.

Since 2005, the company is a member of PJSC "MHP". The main activity of the plant — the production of reinforced concrete structures for agricultural purposes for the construction of the company. The territory of the enterprise — 8 hectares. During his work in the MHP produced 187 thousand cubic meters of concrete products, of which is staffed by 539 poultry houses.

Being in the "Oblmezhkolhozstroya" factory engaged in the manufacture of reinforced concrete structures exclusively for agricultural development. And if the producers of concrete for residential construction occurred bright days, that is, the years, the bulk of orders for concrete products for livestock farms could only dream of. But dreams do come true. Products Cherkassy plant has been asked. She became interested in the well-known Ukrainian agricultural company "MHP" (MHP). Since then, the plant has started a second life.

"Hut" for "chicken legs"

Six years ago, Cherkasky concrete products plant has separate division of PJSC "MHP" that Ukrainian consumers better known as a producer of poultry products under the brand "Our ryaba."

— Now, the plant produces concrete structures for the construction of objects of the corporation only, — said the director of the OP "Cherkasky concrete products plant" PJSC "MHP" Ivan the south. — Today, all of our products are for the construction of poultry houses for poultry. It is a wholly-owned equipment: Foundations 21-A, poluramy RPS, wall sandwich panels PS, in the middle of which is used as insulation foam board, slab 1 and 2 GHG GHGs, as well as sets the ends. In 2009, completed the staffing Myronivska poultry. In 2010, construction of the third stage provided Starinskaya poultry. All of the current year Cherkassy concrete ships for poultry powerful new object "Vinnitsa broiler" that near Ladyzhin. This giant poultry complex will consist of a broiler farm (incubator, 24 playgrounds growing — from 38 poultry houses each slaughterhouse). This year alone, we manned the 114 poultry houses, the next scheduled 140.

The company operates in two shifts at full capacity. And in September, here produced over 5770 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, which is a record figure for all the years of operation of the plant in the MHP. Because production capacity — 5300 cubic meters per month.

— In the winter months, the plant will reduce the volume of production, as in the cold season of construction work less, — says Ivan. — But in March again planning to increase production up to 6000 cubic meters of concrete per month. It will have to use additional space …

This is not surprising. After all, the current volume of the plant this month handles up to 30 cars of cement, 5 thousand tons of rubble, 3-4 tons of sand.

Installation of precast concrete structures is carried out directly on construction sites. And this is for 300 km from Cherkassy. To ensure quality delivery of its products the company acquired 11 trucks Renault with platforms with the special equipment for the transport of concrete products.

From new equipment to product quality — one step

Before deliver high quality products, it must produce at least qualitatively. It is doubtful whether it would be possible in the presence of obsolete equipment.

— Guide MHP did much for the technical upgrade of the enterprise. In the development of the company invested 30 million hryvnia — says production manager Igor Ryabukha. — Old equipment worked very poorly. Some machines are not kept for more than two hours, and then locksmiths would not leave them. Today, much of the equipment replaced.

Reinforcing the shop upgraded by 80%. Purchased welders, machine planting rods, spot welding machine for the production of large nets to cover plates 1 and 2 GHG well-drawn machines for bending rebar. Welding positions are equipped exhaust fans. The company plans — the acquisition of the mobile stations aspiration, which will improve the working conditions of welders.

In the molding shop is now updated each year to issue stock of metal plates covering. For him, the same is made the automatic ironing device for smoothing the surface of the wall panels, installed two new cassettes RPS.

— We have gone over to the production of wall panels in a horizontal metal forms — shows Igor Ryabukha by huge concrete slabs. — To do this, they have bought vibrating tables, vibrotumby. We are the only company in Cherkassy, producing sandwich wall panel. Investments MHP enabled the company to completely gasify the warm concrete. Prior to that, steaming chambers stoked with wood.

Installation of a new automatic line for concrete-mixing unit has improved the quality of its products through precise dosing inert materials (cement, gravel, sand and additives), as well as reduce the dust at work site. That is, at the same time solve environmental problems and issues of loss of cement.

The plant also reconstructed mechanical repair station. Purchased vertical milling machines and lathes. New semi-automatic welding improved not only the quality of welding, but also working conditions. Instead of the old reciprocating compressors operate screw that allows you to save energy, avoid excessive noise.

Enlarged area of a warehouse of finished products through the use of special turnstiles for storage. It also organized the so-called ground for the production of wall panels in the summer months. This allows the company during the warmer months to produce up to an additional 40 wall panels in the day without the cost of gas for heating.

Updated section of concrete mixing equipment — mixers, concrete. The workshops are two new German-made crane. Purchased new equipment: Mercedes trucks for delivery of gravel, sand, cars Renault STOKOTA trailer to transport concrete to the mounting track-type tractors.

— In order to independently carry out minor repairs of their transport, organize the relevant section in the transport plant — said Igor G.. — Already have arranged a viewing hole. Bought the necessary tools — charge-launchers, air compressor for tire inflation. The plans — to organize fitter maintenance crews for vehicles. This will reduce by 50% the cost of car repairs.

By investing considerable investment in the development of the enterprise, "MHP" places high demands on the quality of reinforced concrete products. And consequently, the plant laboratory also took steps to technical advances. For her, bought cement mixer, spokesman for the verification of concrete in compression testing machine tensile reinforcement, an instrument for measuring the strength of concrete non-destructive method. In the near future we plan to purchase a device for determining the activity of the cement. For each type of product OTC issues a passport quality.

Dinner for one hryvnia and milk in addition …

Work on the concrete plant is not easy. Especially in the forming and reinforcing the shops on site concrete mixing. Not everyone has the strength to work out a change in such activities. Therefore, turnover is not alien even to the enterprise with a stable salary and a high level of social protection.

— The average monthly wage worker — 3-4 thousand hryvnia per m
onth — says Ivan. — Some of the above. We piecework payment. The more products are working out — the more we get. But the work was hard. Young people do not stand up, goes away …

The plant currently operate 304 people. Hard work is rewarded not only wages. At the factory operates dining area, where the traditions of MHP, you can dine in only 1 UAH. In each unit of the plant is a cooler for heating and cooling of drinking water. Just like old times, the company issued milk "for harm."

Month of work without comments is encouraged by three chicken carcasses. If promoted to the leader-board of honor, then for six months receives a monthly allowance to 300 UAH salary. Organized bus transport workers and iteerovtsev to and from work.

— But at the same brand of discipline are very high, — says Ivan Poluden. — For smoking in the plant, for coming to work drunk worker is deprived of bonuses or dismissed. Now there are very few cases.

Much attention is paid to health and safety. Workers are provided with protective clothing. Labour Protection Service regularly conducts raids to detect violations. Workers infirmary give drivers tolerance for release in flight.

Is there a future for the plant?

Ladyzhinskaya poultry should start operating by 2013. He expects the company then?

— When I signed the contract, the chairman of the Board of PJSC "MHP" Yuri Kosyuk assured that for the next six years will be enough work — smiling Ivan Poluden. — For the "Broiler Vinnitsa" will become one of the largest poultry farms in Europe, it will produce more than 400,000 tons of meat. And that means not only the construction of poultry houses. Already built a feed complex "Ladyzhyn", which included — feed mill, grain elevator, maslopressovy plant. Built administrative buildings, a dining room. The company plans to grow, to increase production capacity. MHP is already developing the infrastructure — building dormitories, apartment houses, kindergartens. In addition, the planned construction of the reprocessing of poultry manure into biogas, fertilizer. Perhaps the emergence of companies for these projects. All of this — a reality. Only in the Cherkassy region are successfully operating several facilities MHP, which employs about 5,000 cherkaschan.
Cherkasky concrete products plant

Enacted in 1964 as the site of "Oblmezhkolhozstroya" for the manufacture of concrete products for agriculture.

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