Cherkassy Nitrogen resume the production of caprolactam

PJSC "Nitrogen", included in the holding OSTCHEM, (includes companies nitric Chemistry Group DF), restore the production of caprolactam by the end of April. The company will once again be the only Ukrainian producer of caprolactam 

"By the end of April, we plan to produce 2000 tons of products — and we already have more than her customers. Future production plans will be directly related to the situation on the world market if prices will rise, we will increase production ", — said Vitaly Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board of PJSC" Nitrogen ".
The main reason for stopping the production of caprolactam "nitrogen" in 2012 was the rise in the cost of benzene — the raw material used for the production of caprolactam. The costs of benzene are 30-35% of the cost of finished products. Deficiency of benzene in the CIS market arose due to stop production of benzene by one of the largest global suppliers whose facilities are located in Russia.
In addition, the profitability of caprolactam influenced unfavorable situation on the world market as a whole, in particular, the fall in prices in the Chinese market — one of the main consumers of caprolactam.
Global trends

Caprolactam is a key raw material for the production of polyamide-6 (nylon), which in turn is used in the production of tires, tire cord fabrics, films, textile and industrial yarns, fibers, various kinds of engineering plastics.
According to experts of the analytical company PCI Nylon, global production of caprolactam in 2012 amounted to 4.58 million tons.
Capacity global caprolactam market is estimated at 11.3 billion U.S. dollars (spot prices in 2012).

PJSC "Nitrogen" (Cherkassy), part of OSTCHEM (Group DF)-specializes in the production of nitrogen fertilizers (ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate, UAN), caprolactam, ion exchange resins and other products.
The company is the sole producer of caprolactam in Ukraine. In the production of crystalline kaprolaktamazadeystvovano seven departments of the enterprise. The total production capacity of 60,000 tons. caprolactam per year. Manufacturing is a multi-stage circuit and consists of two processing trains, each — at 30,000 tons per year.
9.6% of caprolactam produced by PJSC "Nitrogen" supplies abroad.

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