CherMK sudostaley increased shipments to a record level

Remote control blast furnace "Severyanka" Cherepovets plant JSC "Severstal".

Cherepovets Steel Mill — The main asset of the steel division, "Severstal Russian Steel" — in 2010 compared to 2009 increased shipments spetssudostaley doubled — to nearly 5.4 tons, "- said Dmitry Gorshkov, director of sales CherMK" Severstal ".

CherMK "Severstal" is the exclusive supplier of special high-strength steels for two major Russian defense enterprises — JSC "PO" Sevmash "and JSC" Admiralty Shipyards ". By the way, in 2009 compared with the previous year factory also significantly increased the supply of special steel enterprises to address the data growth — by 2008, up 22%.

The entire assortment spetssudostaley used for the production of hulls, produced at mill 2800 (CherMK industrial site), and the camp of 5000 (Kolpino, St. Petersburg). In 2010, the growth of a metal on the data capacity of 89% and 98%, respectively.

The increase in shipments is provided: in steel production — due to the implementation of organizational solutions in the production of hot-rolled steel — by optimizing key technological processes associated with rolling, heat treatment and cleaning up leaves.

In 2011 CherMK plans to develop production technology spetssudostali in the converter shop (currently only implemented smelting in electric furnaces). In the case of growth of demand from key customers, this will allow the company to increase production of the metal, as well as provide a more flexible delivery times.

In addition, with the increase in demand for spetssudostali CherMK invests in the production of these products. In particular, currently in LPC-1 (site heat treatment furnaces) completed the implementation of one of the investment activities, "Reconstruction of gas cutting plate", worth 17.5 million rubles, which will increase the capacity at this portion of the line.

"Severstal Russian Steel" — Division of JSC "Severstal" — one of the largest steel producers in Russia. Division consists of six segments: steel, supply, hardware, pipe, service and preparation of a breakage.

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