China ceded to Japan in a military conflict — THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

China ceded to Japan in a military conflict - THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR
There is speculation that China is the strongest military power in Asia, but in fact it is Japan, the chief of the Beijing bureau of The Christian Science Monitor Peter Ford (Peter Ford), reports December 11 (pictured visiting a military base Asaka north of Tokyo, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan (Shinzo Abe) after days of self-defense forces in October this year — approx. «VP»).

Postwar Constitution Land of the Rising Sun «forever» declares the renunciation of warfare, its armed forces friendly sound as «self-defense forces,» but «you shall not covet deal with her,» says Ford.

From the standpoint of ordinary numbers Japan behind China in the amount of the armed forces 10 times, 4 times in combat aircraft and 2 times in total tonnage of warships. But when it comes to property and the level of learning technologies — the main parts in a modern war — Japan just eclipse China. If the territorial dispute over the Senkaku / Diaoyu, as they say the military will go into «kinetic phase», Japan will prevail.

There is still a judgment that will force the Chinese generals think — U.S. almost certainly will support Japan in a military conflict. Although in the near future China strongly increases the strength of its armed forces, the country lags behind, the very few, two decades from the U.S. in terms of military equipment and capabilities, according to a report by the Council on international relations (South American organization is independent in the sphere of international relations USA — approx. ‘ VP «).

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