China to create an analogue drones RQ-170

China to create an analogue drones RQ-170
Aviation blog Aviationist said the successful development of China analogue South American drone RQ-170 Sentinel, which is very complicated and expensive machine maloseriysnoy

Middle of May appeared in the web photo Chinese percussion UAV Lijiang, which supposedly should be a shock machine, similar to the South American X-47. And now — another sensation: the creation of China flying machine that is similar in features and flight level of visibility to the RQ-170. This is a fundamental achievement.

RQ-170 Sentinel, manufactured by Lockheed Martin — the limited-edition, and apparently very expensive drone. At cost and difficulties he is incomparable with the mass of the UAV, which are used in the armed forces for tactical and operational intelligence. Although for a specific operation RQ-170 U.S. Air Force responsible, they are used in the interests of the CIA. Total production of about 20 such devices.

RQ-170 is not designed to hunt down the gangs of insurgents. Its main task — secret intelligence operations over the territories of foreign countries with massive air defense systems. For this particular unit needs reduced radar signature. The unit is equipped as a means of optical reconnaissance and radio interception system, also means to detect radioactive isotopes.

Clearly the deployment RQ-170 in Afghanistan and South Korea for action against Iran and North Korea. Specifically in Iran in December 2011, the U.S. Air Force lost one device, apparently due to a malfunction in the control system. The device has got the Iranians without significant damage. For all this his electric interior retained, at least, a partial operation: Iranian television showed a recording of the onboard camera memory UAV.

Creator David Aviationist Tsentsiotti previously wrote that Iran visited a group of Chinese professionals who have studied the unit. It’s the natural progression of events. Chinese often have access to U.S. military equipment lost during the conflict. It is worth remembering that the Chinese military experts studied fragments unobtrusive fighter F-117 during the war in Yugoslavia in 1999

Almost count on an easy playing Chinese industry intelligence and telecommunications equipment and special software RQ-170. Creators drone created to operate on the territory of the aggressor countries, had first to consider the possibility of their falling into enemy hands.

At the same time, to provide an apparatus that is similar in features and flight level of visibility to the RQ-170 is a fundamental achievement. This allows at least to conduct experiments to improve the Chinese air defense system to deal with such unobtrusive goals. In the upcoming acquired technology can be applied in the new Chinese UAV.

Two Chinese fighter fifth generation unmanned Lijiang and new reconnaissance drone again show the inability of the United States to suspend spillovers Western double and military technology to China. China made the system of scientific and technical intelligence, and system research and adaptation of foreign technology now allows you to conveniently get the Yankees exhibited protective walls.

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