ChMZAP introduced a new low-bed trailer

Specialist plant ChMZAP semi-manufactured with a reduced height of the loading platform. Model 93853-037 ChMZAP CC BY is based on ChMZAP 93853-037 UK2 and is included in the list of equipment recommended by the Government of the Russian Federation for the formation of fire-chemical stations. Semi-trailer designed for the transport of road-building equipment, long goods, agricultural machinery, special equipment.


The new model is characterized by:

  • carrying capacity of 24 tons,
  • mechanical ladders equipped with spring-mates up-down technique for entry onto the platform at an angle of 13 °,
  • Platform length — 10000 mm,
  • the load on the road through the tires — 20 tons,
  • Fifth wheel load — 13 tons,
  • own weight of the semi-trailer — 9 tons,
  • tires 235/75R17, 5 141J.

Optional low-bed trailer ChMZAP 93853-037 UK2 received:

  • Reach widened platform
  • fenders,
  • chocks to secure transported equipment.

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