CMP has shipped 225 million tons of metal

Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, part of the company "Mechel", the anniversary shipped the 225 millionth tonne of metal produced in the history of the company. It is symbolic that this landmark milestone distributors plant reached the jubilee year for CMP — April 19, he was 70 years old. Over 225 million tons figure is the work of several generations koksohimikov, Aglomeratchikov, blast furnace, steelmakers, distributors, railway workers, repairmen, builders, representatives of dozens of other professions combine.

As the press service of the CMP, now part of the rolling redistribution includes five rolling mills, producing about 4.5 million tons of steel per year. Rental CMP is widely used in many industries. It is used in construction, conventional reinforcement and prestressed concrete structures, in the mechanical engineering for the manufacture of springs, leaf springs, fasteners machinery, for the manufacture of rings, balls, and roller bearings, tools, dies of cold and hot forming, for the manufacture of components operating under load at temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, in aggressive environments.
In accordance with the program of modernization of CMP shops and major redistribution of rental units are constantly being upgraded and updated. Suffice it to recall the most significant of these works for the last few years. The reconstruction of the heavy section mill 780, created the possibility of delivery billets of up to 11.7 meters, which made it possible to expand the volume of orders. Implemented translation wire mill for rolling out the blank square with a side of 100 mm instead of 80 mm. The reconstruction of the mill 300-2 with the installation of a 6-cage finishing block and processing equipment and packaging of bars in the rolling mill.
To date, the key project of rolling redistribution of CMP is the construction of rolling mill, which will produce a unique and import-substituting products — high quality railroad rails up to 100 meters, are used to create in our country high-speed rail lines, and structural shapes for the construction industry.

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