Cold Mistral: Rogozin should be cited, not interpret.

There was a discussion about-known around the purchase of Mistral.

The question seems to be purely technical, but the conclusions drawn therefrom to swing at politics.

Question: Can the UDC Mistral operate at a temperature in the cold of minus seven Celsius? Simply put, in Russia.

If not, then who is to blame and what to do?

Oil poured on ice Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin: "It is strange that for airdrop in expeditionary operations are procured ships that are not functioning at less than seven degrees. I do not know, probably, someone decided that there will be some of our actions in Africa, "- he said at a military conference of the Academy, respectively, of Military Science.

"What do you mean oil?" — You ask. It turns out that "in Russia there are no suitable fuel for the" Mistral "," — reported citing RIA Novosti Rogozin. That is not our general, and theirs for our temperatures are not suitable. Help!

However, Rogozin himself the appearance of panic information today said philosophically: "I should have quoted, and not to interpret." That is, decided to nip in the bud the discussion, Mr.eit is the gift of Doctor of Philosophy.

So what's with the eternal Russian questions? That's it.

With the "who's to blame" — guilty not only exposed and punished, but also, I think, as a Christian forgiveness: "We must be able to forgive and tolerate, but always stand your ground — safely and confidently."

© Rogozin.

Now, with ever more sophisticated "what to do". According to Rogozin should do this:

1) to perform the contract;

2) bring to the problem of military and industry experts;

3) still to begin to experience the first two Mistral.

But most importantly: "The problem here is not in our foreign partners, and in the absence of proper military-scientific support for such transactions." This is a quotation. Interpret, so be it, we will not.

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