Committee religions denies signing a concordat

May 26, official media quoted the Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities Leonid Gulyako, which is visiting the college in Grodno said that the signing of the Concordat between preparing the Republic of Belarus and the Vatican State. But it turns out that the prospect of an agreement is not completely defined. According to the latest as if Radio Liberty asked the representative of the Committee for Religious and Ethnic Affairs Misha Rybakov — Or possible signing of a concordat already in the process of the visit of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone — he replied:
"In 1-x, the solution of such issues does not go in my jurisdiction. And in-2, it is unlikely it may be, since the concordat signed by the brand on other criteria. All this and invented by journalists themselves hyping this topic. Kutila not declared itself. "
If we proceed from the practice of previous agreements Vatican document establishes the legal norms of relations between states in a variety of issues, first religious. What is generally a concordat — explains the Secretariat of the Conference of Bishops of the Church in Belarus priest Alexander Amelchenya:
"Concordat — a document which in this case governs the case of the Vatican and of the country under the title of Belarus. Adjusts the first questions religious affairs of the country and the Church in a particular country. Regarding Catholic Church in Belarus, it is open for signature by the Concordat. Hierarchs believe that this document is necessary, that it is necessary to find specific ways that could assist to develop the church here and somehow highlight the existence and activities of the church in religious, social. Indeed, it is quite a unique document. These documents have been signed with a number of taps of the world, Europe. Namely, with our neighbors, in Poland, in Lithuania there is such a document. But the situation in Belarus is unique, and because this concordat, if it takes place, is really a unique document in the sense that it will affect such things, maybe in other countries simply do not have. "
Since the mid-1990s with the Catholic Church in Belarus management business was uneven. First, for the reason that in the midst of many Polish priests priests, resulting Tipo church promotes "apalyachvannyu" Belarusians. Many facts expulsion of priests, who were engaged in religious activities on the territory of Belarus Tipo "illegally." Power legitimized function of mandatory registration and harmonize the work of priests, if they are not citizens of Belarus. As before returning remains problematic temples during the time of nationalization in the Soviet were converted under municipal needs.
One common example — the struggle of the faithful Catholics in St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk. Once a day for 3 years after the evening service Yvonne Matsukevich goes to church, her prayers are focused on returning the temple. In late 2007, the parish committee of St. Joseph’s mistress Matsukevich uganaravali premium initiative "Charter 97" in the nomination "For the protection of human and Christian values." Do believers hope the visit of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone?
"This visit at the invitation of our government, not even our archbishop. Because meeting with the president, senior bureaucrats in power will be. What there will be read — hard to say. We already build after, How to declare any results. But as long as we hang in the air and do not know what more the world will be. "
Reporter: "And it is right that the management of the church in Belarus will this topic raise? "
"Managing the church will certainly raise this issue. Not so long ago there was a conference in connection with the 500th anniversary of the first shrine in Minsk — Trinity church. There also this question a couple of times was rising, including at the level of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture. Also states that is a Catholic church. All in God’s hands, as a guide — and will. "
In Belarus, the dominant religion is considered orthodoxy. The country’s leaders enormous religious prazdnichkom attend church, and in 2006 the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret was awarded the title Hero of Belarus. Back in 1990 the government signed with the Belarusian Orthodox Church special cooperation agreement. There are similar agreements at the level of individual departments. It is not only the structure of the common humanitarian focus, but even the law enforcement agencies, among which — Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, border and customs state committees.

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