Completed the June reading of works of Vasil Bykov

We started reading voice Basil Vladimervicha sister Valentina and now completing his performance Ales Pashkevich, chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers, editor of the collected works chatyrnatstsatsitomnaga Bykov.
Bykovskaya texts in the air of "Liberty" read BNR Council Chair Ivonka Survila, the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin, founder of the Belarusian Naronaga Zenon Pozniak front, first managing a restored country Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich, salting Israel Zeev Ben Arie and salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, poets Valzhina Mort and Andrew Khadanovich Gennady Buraukin and Sergey Zakonnikau prose writers Boris and Algirdas Baharevich, painter Alexei Marochkin, director of public museum Bykov Grodno Nikolai Melnikov, youth activists Paul Seviarynets and Anastasia Palazhanka, favorite group N.R.M. Lavon Volsky, Michas Tychina critic, translator Valentine Taras — just three 10-ka persons who are well aware of their creativity in Belarus or own public activity.
Editorial Freedom, with rare exceptions, did not offer texts — the choice was for the participants, and often this choice was sudden. There were virtually all genres Bykovskaya — excerpts from the novel, short stories, parables, memuarystyka, journalism and even — a piece speech at the congress of the Union of Writers. Each found himself something more intimate or, in his opinion, burning for society. And it shows that the word Bykov — not outdated, and some participants correctly read as read that we are all still on track to realize the creativity Bykov, his thoughts and his spiritual testament.
First month, we asked listeners to the proposal say and what they would have chosen the inheritance of Bykovskaya read before the microphone of Liberty? We received answers to Iintrnet forum Liberty, and those who wrote to us, as any of the students or guests of Liberty our website, have a chance to read an excerpt from the beloved Vasil Bykov in the future, when will adnchatstsa 85th anniversary a day or birthday Bykov. And, of course, read the microphone Bykov Liberty will writers, politicians, artists, friends of the writer.
On air for the first time sounded and author’s reading prypvestsi "Nightmare." In the archives of Liberty and family archives Bykov, who patronizes the writer’s wife Ira M., has voice recording Bykov, who have not already heard, and that certainly will sound.
Reading Bykov — ahead.

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