Conflict situation on the market Komarovskoe

Head of the Laboratory Natalia Snow White claimed to renew documents for meat, citing the decree number 44 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Entrepreneurs loudly sought to be given to review the text resolution. They accused the administration of the market in search of additional levies from the traders.
Businessmen explained to "Freedom", which up to the present they received a day or meat in the regions. There, under the law, passed on meat inspection and after the help brought it to market. The documents they pointed their name and in the "where" wrote "Komorowski market."
With present a day or Head of the laboratory analysis of goods Natalia Snow White claimed that the document was written the name of a businessman who thinks meat to sell.
Head of the Laboratory Natalia Snow White said "Freedom":

"Should be transparency of veterinary inspection. Previously, they worked as individuals and there were no questions. At the moment they are working as a legal entity. There is an order for the tax authorities, and for the veterinary service. There are rules of trade. Throughout changing and new documents are being finalized. So makarom they are finalized and we have. "
At the door of the laboratory has a mass of business.
Businessman: "SP Sidorov took sick tomorrow … And the meat is lost. Wondering," Why did you help rewrite? ". He said it was an order from above. "
Man: "Practically we suggest getting meat without checking. Makarom Thus, there is the deal. We must settle with the individual for that meat. He left, and we put a stigma. And if elevated background radiation, or something else? We none of these funds will not return. "
Lady: "We take on the area. There is a standard reference. They about this know nothing. Only then we are required to rewrite."
Businessman: "Show us the ordinance. Nobody shows us."
Entrepreneurs were asked to book complaints.
Businessman: "A book of complaints does not. Though I work in the market for more than 20 years."
Russian chief veterinarian said the district "Freedom" that book of complaints is in hospital on Galo Street.
Entrepreneurs indignant:
Businessman: "On 4 kilograms of meat I had to cut. We have proved it is permissible to 300-400 grams. But we twist arms that cut of 4 kg. When we have proved that 300-400 g … you’ll demonstrated the same paper as currently being counterfeited! Stop mocking us! Enough All businessmen will confirm the fact! "
Ms. Snow White explained to this: "There are rules as necessary to take meat on the analysis and what parts of the carcass. Here they have written on a board hanging. "
Merchant lamb said "Freedom" now lost several customers who always took his meat.
"Now I have a branding meat happened to 7 and up to half a second. Buyers, and I take the meat in the main restaurants, all gone. Now I rent out the meat in the refrigerator. It loses quality and even 18,000 I pay for an additional refrigerator. Fuel . This happens only Komarovskoe market. In other markets, there is none. excruciates consumers. Who were unhappy "Zhuravinka", "Astara", "Outbreak." Meat not. "
Decree number 44 of the Ministry of Agriculture came out on April 18. It concerns the new animal health inspection rules dead animal. Resolution has not been written in the media mass disk imaging. It is not also in the register of legal acts.
There is also according to the instructions as businessmen need the paperwork for meat. Entrepreneurs believe that the head of the laboratory Kamarouski market made its own interpretation of the new rules. She posted it on the bulletin board.
Entrepreneurs who suffer losses, insist it must have the entire document together with an explanation of the legal profession. Tags: entrepreneurs, Komarovka

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