Council ignored the request of the OSCE

Especially ignore the call of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the media is not pass the bill.
Three a day or reverse Miklos Haraszti, The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, called the upper house does not pass the bill, which may further limit media freedom in Belarus. By As the last, Sovereign Haraszti noted:
"Unfortunately, contrary to expectations in Belarus and abroad, this project sets new obstacles to the development of free media in the country."
The Belarusian legislation does not allow the Council of the Republic enters configuration bill that comes from House of Representatives. But it dazvayalyae bill back to the House for revision. This, though very rarely happens. For example, at the last session addin Such is the case recorded.
Currently media bill is passed head of state. If Alyaksanadar Lukashenko signs it, the law will take effect 6 months after its publication in print. Tags: media, Haraszti, the law

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