CPL Armalit-1 has received new equipment

During 2012, OJSC "Armalit-1" is working on upgrading and replacement of equipment in a central laboratory. Today CFL factory is a modern analytical center accredited by the Federal Agency for testing and certification.


In order to improve the efficiency of the laboratories were equipped with modern facilities:

  • launched a new line of oxygen supply to the analyzer for carbon,
  • conduction meter installed (check the quality of distilled water), electrochemical analyzer, meteomer, pile driver (the study of impact strength).

In addition, members of the laboratory have been developed and implemented methodology for determining the chemical composition of the alloy VT-3B with a spectrometer MSA2 and ultrasonic testing of forgings for stamps. The structure of the CPL "Armalit-1" includes: chemical, sanitary, industrial, mechanical and metallographic, spectral laboratories and laboratory inspection. The main functions of the laboratory are:

  • ensuring timely production of laboratory control of incoming raw materials to the factory and manufactured products,
  • participation in the production and research activities aimed at the development of new and improvement of existing processes,
  • improvement and introduction of new methods of analysis,
  • analyzes for the protection of the environment.

JSC "Armalit-1" — A modern dynamically developing company with a century of history. The company manufactures ship fittings, designed for use in piping systems, rubber shock absorbers AKSS all types and sizes, forgings, castings made of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, as well as provides services in the field of machining parts.

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