CSRI Cyclone is preparing to launch mass production of OLED microdisplays for

Holding company "Roselektronika" announced the launch of production of OLED microdisplays (OLED).

Large-scale project in the field of mass production of such equipment is currently implemented in a member of JSC "Russian electronics" Central Research Institute "Cyclone".

Currently, over a cluster installation and laying of technology unveiled microdisplays, scheduled for launch in autumn 2012. The area of application of this equipment — rendering images on mobile devices and computers in any television standard, including 3D technology. The expected output of 24 million units per year in one shift.

Recently on predrpityaii visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Head of State inspected the production capacity of the company, to see the latest developments of the Russian defense industry, and held a meeting on "The results of operations and prospects of the State Corporation" Russian Technologies ".
In addition, the VV Putin demonstrated a range of uncooled thermal imaging and vision systems based on them. Today JSC "CRI" Cyclone "is their only certified producer in Russia. During the last 15 years the company has developed and put into production a few dozen types of photo-detectors and modules, as well as thermal imaging devices surveillance and targeting, whose characteristics are not inferior to foreign analogues or surpass them. vision systems produced by "CRI" Cyclone "are delivered to all the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, as well as gear used in" Soldier of the Future "Defense Ministry.

General Director of "Roselektronika" Andrei Zverev, demonstrating the new production, said, "Today we are launching a cluster for mass production of microdisplays for OLED, so we no longer need the data imported parts. This solves the problem of import substitution." CRI "Cyclone" now has production, which until now could only afford a two-country technology leaders. At the next stage of construction of the plant, which will produce components that produce only 5 countries in the world. "

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