CSTS Dynamics has completed work on an engineering simulator aircraft MS-21

Specialists Center for Scientific and Technical Services (CSTS) "Dynamics" developed by order of FSUE TsAGI. Zhukovsky engineering simulator to support the research and design work on the program to create a new family of short-medium range aircraft MS-21.

MS-21 simulator is designed to solve problems associated with the assessment of flight characteristics of the aircraft, including: — the algorithms the primary and secondary circuits of the remote control (CDS) — adjust the structure and parameters of the CDS — mining techniques in basic piloting phases of staff the flight (taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise flight, descent, approach, landing, taxiing after run) — working out special cases of flight and piloting techniques in special emergency situations caused by external influences or failures in the control system and power plant; support flight testing and certification procedures.

Additional features include the implementation of the stand-country flights with flight and navigation system in a variety of weather conditions, approach and landing operations at different times of day, flight operations using backup devices, working out of action in special cases and emergency situations in various stages of flight, prototyping and testing of the controls and interior elements.

Fitness is a full-scale mock-up cockpit replica of aircraft cabin with two full-time jobs for pilots. The structure of the simulator is also included Tanker workplace research engineer, which is used for research, analysis, simulation results, enter the initial conditions of abandoned situations, etc.

As noted in an official statement, "Dynamics" in addition to participating in the creation of an engineering simulator MS-21, is seen as a possible line of developer technical training flight crews, including the integrated simulator to a high level of complexity (in the classification ICAO) and procedural simulator.

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