CTZ has shipped the first wedge-pusher

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, who won the auction for the delivery of a new fire-fighting equipment in a short time has made and sent it to consumers.


Equipped car passed factory tests. With it was cleared area with thick vegetation. Under pressure from the bulldozer B-10M with a wedge-pusher could not resist not only the bush, but the poplar thickness of 40 centimeters.

The main purpose of new items — construction of roads reference to the site of a forest fire, in which then must pass technique designed to deal with the elements. If an ordinary bulldozer can only break trees, which then should be cleaned out of the way, wedge-shaped blade due to its shape immediately dumps them on either side, leaving a finished track.

— Our tractor is equipped with such a unit for the first time — the main designer of the project Gregory Mitsyn. — Before the wedge pusher put on a forest fire machines created on the basis of skidders and crawler transporter. Their features were not enough, especially if you need to lead the way through the thicket. Tractive effort bulldozer factory for 50-60 percent higher, he can fell trees at least twice as thick. So a track through the woods B-10M is able to run faster. Therefore, experts were asked to equip the FFA wedge is our tractor.

Ease of new tools that put a wedge instead of a standard rotary blade bulldozer hitch. This allows having to fire-chemical stations serial bulldozer quickly change in an emergency like an ordinary "shovel" on a wedge-pusher.

The unit can also be used in winter. Factory experts believe that the bulldozer pusher is well suited for the role of forest roads snowplow he immediately grasps the desired width of the glade, throwing snow on both sides of the track

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