CTZ sent equipment to the FSB in Chechnya

Loader PC-65 production Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant to order the boundary of the FSB Russia sent to Chechnya.

Plant shipped to the North Caucasus their production vehicles at the request of the border guards staffed it with 2 removable buckets. One of them — the staff, the other — for the development of rock.

Wheel loader will work in Khankala, performing normal for such construction machinery and loading jobs.

Teznicheskie characteristics loader PK-65

Rated power: 240 hp Operating weight: 19,000 kg Transmission: hydraulic ZF 4WG-210. Bucket capacity: 3.6 cubic meters. This wheel loader is designed for all kinds of digging, loading or processing of different materials delighted: soil, coal, metal chips, stones, wood chips and other things. In addition, this truck can produce dumping earth mounds or shafts. Loader design embodied the combination of trusted sites with high performance, reliability and comfort in the workplace.

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