CTZ sent technique Petroleum

Twelve marsh bulldozers B-10M2 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped in the Komi Republic, the largest oil company Rosneft.


Oilers ordered machines with hydraulic mechanical transmission, which provides ease of control bulldozer, and planetary final drive, which increases the reliability of the design. All wishes are taken into account.

The customer, who acted as one of the subsidiaries', also set a condition — the length of the machine should not exceed seven meters to easily transport units on ordinary road trawls. Therefore tractors did not the seven-and shestikatkovymi. Swamp blade fixed on the uneven bars ordinary bulldozer, which also reduced the size of the length. Another marsh bulldozer equipped with ripper.

The machines will be used for the organization of new and maintenance of the already developed fields. In particular, for the construction of roads, winter roads.

To start the tractor in operation to place, a subsidiary of Rosneft, the factory will be assigned personnel.

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