CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF

CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF
Tiltrotor — this aircraft capable of producing vertical takeoff and landing (as do helicopters) and long horizontal flight speed, suitable for everyday aircraft. Because this type of aircraft are not fully or helicopters or airplanes, it affects their view. As a result, the configuration of these aircraft can take the most sudden appearance. In addition, because the flying apparatus of this type are characterized by Rata with 2 sharply differing modes of flight in their design but have to constantly go on compromises.

VTOL vysokoplan made on a straight-wing, two-keel fins, 2 GTE and 2 tilt-rotor in nacelles at the wing tips.

Semi-monocoque fuselage type with a rectangular cross section. Fuselage length 17.47m. The design is completely made of KM (fuselage weight 1500kg). Side skirts are used for cleaning main landing gear and the placement of additional fuel tanks and equipment of air conditioning systems. In the front part of the fuselage posted triple cabin crew, which installed armored ejection seats, capable of withstanding the falling bullets caliber 12.7mm and 50g overload in the longitudinal direction and 14.5g — vertically. On the right side of the fuselage in front of the entrance is a two-piece door; upper section opens up and inside the cabin, and the bottom opens down outside and has an integrated ladder. The cab dimensions 7.37 x 1.53 x 1.3 m, volume 24.3m3 fails fit on the seats along the boards with 24 paratroopers or 12 arms the wounded on stretchers accompanied with nurses.

An upstream wing, with a low angle reverse sweep caisson type with 2 spars and constant chord equal to 2.54m. Almost entirely made of grafitoepoksidnyh KM. The upper and lower skin panel piece design. Three-section wing panel socks made of duralumin alloy honeycomb «Nomex». The wing is mounted on a support groove diameter of 2.3m, made of stainless steel and provides rotation of the wing along the fuselage when placed on the deck of a VTOL aircraft carriers.

Turning the screws with 3 trapezoidal blades. Root chord blade 0.87m, end — 0.56m. Twist blades 45 °. The blades are made of carbon and fiberglass. The design of the hinge blades used elastomeric bearings. Screws have a braking system and folding blades. Screws connected between a synchronizing shaft, laid inside the wing. Rotate gondolas made using a hydraulic drive with helical gear.

Plumage dvuhkilevoe one hundred percent made of grafitoepoksidnogo material. Stabilizer (pp 5.61m area 8.22m2) tail fairing mounted above the fuselage. The total area of ​​2-vertical fins 12.45m2.

Tricycle landing gear is retractable, with dual wheels. Nasal support retracted backwards into the compartment under the front part of the fuselage. Main pillars in the side skirts removed. The chassis is designed to fit with the vertical velocity of 4.5m / s. Wheels are the main pillars of carbon disc brakes. Wheel track 4.62m.

The power plant consists of 2-GTE Allison T406-AD-400, installed in the rotating gondolas on the wing tips together with screws. Turboshaft GTE has a 14-stage axial compressor, annular combustor, two-stage turbine gas generator and a two-stage power turbine. Airflow 16.1kg / s, and the pressure increases 14, specific fuel consumption at maximum continuous power mode 0.19kg/l.s.-ch. The engine has a gearbox and control system FADEC. Motor length (without gear) 1.96m, width — 0.67m, height — 0.86m. Dry weight 440kg engine.

CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF

The fuel system has a 13-compartment tanks 8645l capacity. In each side of the fuselage fairing in the front of the tank has a one-bay; the right cowl to the rear of an additional tank. In caissons wing panels are 10 tanks, compartments: a pair of external tanks serves as a consumable. On the toe of the right wing refueling nozzle is placed under pressure; on the upper surface of each arm has one filling neck of gravity. On the bottom side of the nose section of the fuselage is provided a fastening element rod refueling in flight. For ferry flights in the cargo cabin likely 2-installation of additional fuel tanks with a total mass of 7235kg of fuel.

Management system. To control the helicopter mode control system used a common and repetitive step rotary screws. In cruise flight control used to cross two outer elevon, as the control for the longitudinal-section area of ​​4.82m2 elevator, and for acceptable — rudders on the vertical keels. Drive control surfaces made using hydraulic actuators and wire control system with triple redundancy.

Lift consists of 4 sections elevons OUTDOOR steam which is used for lateral control. Elevons area 4.12m2. Drive elevons made using FBWCS and steering.

CV-22 tiltrotor Osprey USAF

Onboard equipment includes two are independent and one spare hydraulic system operating pressure 350kg/sm2. The structure consists of two electrical alternator (40kVa), two constant current generator (50/60kilovolt-ampere), rectifiers, converters, battery capacity of 15 A * h Wing leading edges and vertical fins have anti-icing system with inflatable protectors. Windshield glazing, front edge vozduhopoglotiteley engines, blades and screws have coca defroster.

Avionics navigation system consists of TACAN, systems VOR / ILS, VHF radio communication equipment and HF bands, identification systems and other information from the TACAN, VOR / ILS, altimeter, vertical gyroscope output to four color monitor. The cabin has a fifth screen — for displaying terrain maps. Used for radar AN/ARO-174 fly to follow mode terrain, the aircraft equipped with two computers for processing AN/AYK-14 combat mission, the crew is foreseen introduction of systems providing piloting criteria in the night, and helmet-mounted night vision goggles; to prevent the attack missiles air-to-air a system AN/AAR-47.

Armament is depending on the variant VTOL. Provides space for mounting machine guns in the cockpit of 7.62 and 12.7mm, and under the forward fuselage — turret guns. There are also sites for the suspension of anti-submarine torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and missile air-to-air.

Technical data VTOL V-22 «Osprey»

Propulsion: 2 x GTD Allison T406-AD-400 with a capacity of 4585 kW rotary screw diameter: 14.02 m length with folded wings and screws: 19.09 m, height on the ground with gondolas in the upright position: 6.35 m, height with folded wings and screws: 5.61 m, maximum width with rotors: 25.78 m Wingspan (without pods): 14.02 m, takeoff weight: 27440 kg empty weight equipped: 13995kg, supplies, fuel: 6215 kg, cruising speed helicopter mode: 185 km / h, cruising speed on airplane mode: 555 km / h, hovering ceiling, excluding the impact of land: 915 m, range in vertical takeoff with takeoff weight 21150kg and a payload of 5445 kg 2225 km, during takeoff from a small run-up to the takeoff weight 24950kg and 9070 kg payload: 3340 km, the required load: 9070 kg.

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