CVO summed up the winter training

In the winter period of 2012 school year military training in the Central Military District was of Planning and active and forward-looking. Disruption of activities of military training was not. Such conclusions were made over a period stretching in the management of military training CVO.

Feature of combat training in the winter training period was the holding of classes in the new programs of combat training, which increased the number of hours of training in the subjects, increased the intensity of ongoing activities, increased pressure on officers, directors and staff of the occupation.

The intensity of combat training has increased by more than a factor of 1.5-2. Increased intensity was made possible thanks to the introduction of outsourcing is not only in the areas of permanent deployment of parts, but also for field output units.

During the winter, has conducted more than 480 live firing squad and platoon, and more than 40 company tactical exercises in the area, 14 command post exercises with combined arms and joints of special branches.

During field outputs, drills and exercises, commanders and staffs worked through issues of bringing units in high alert, improve professional training of personnel in the performance of tasks in various conditions.

At air bases in the county winter training period held more than 10 tactical flight exercises. Combat crews of military units of anti-aircraft missile and radar troops took part in the 15 tactical exercises, including live fire.


In the next period of training command CVO plans to focus on producing mid-level commanders and battalion exercises (divisional) level of spending to overcome water obstacles.

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